City Signs In Russia’s Yekaterinburg Turned Into ‘Captchas’ As a Warning of Impending Doom in Roboticized Future

Robotisation in real life means ‘captchas’ on streets because of them?

Future is grim, some people say today that is so mostly because of Robotisation. Path that humanity took today is developing smart weapons, developing A.I. and gathering human imputed data over your favorite social networks, forums and being erroneous as we humans are, we are destined to develop a robotized race that will eventually replace us. Lucky for you this time has not come yet, but as it is described in cyberpunk classics, it is coming slowly to realization. Robots are already integral parts of our existence and integral part of all our industrial processes. You will have them at home, on work, they will replace police, security, medics and hell they will even wipe your a** if you would like (until they revolt against you).

They are leaving technicians out of their jobs and its just matter of time before A.I. is flocking our streets and slowly replace us. That good Bobby police officer in your neighborhood will now be Robocop Z3140, while that lovely lady at the grocery shop will be Roboshop C331 (i just made these names up lol).

And while world media discuss the need of taxing robots in order to reeducate workers they replaced, we all have to start preparing to a new kind of society: one, where robots play an even more important role.

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, several artists from StreetArt agency (also Vkontakte group) offered those topics up for a discussion when they arranged an artistic invasion into public space, as they drew their inspiration from the philosophy of Ghost in the Shell.

This movie is based on the manga of the same name, depicting a near-future where in a cybernized society of people with artificial bodies and mechanical anatomy the line between a biological and a digital form is blurred.

How to tell a human and a robot apart? What form can a robot-human conflict take? Those questions are raised by the movie and its unconventional promotional campaign.

Imagine, what would a “humans only” city look like, and how would it feel to find oneself in a space of cyber apartheid, where public spaces are divided.

Provocative stickers and signs suggest that people think about what makes them human, and “human only” signs take the form of a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart).

Street nameplates, public transport signs, emotional posters and even a cinema sign were installed during the night. In the morning, those objects appeared before the public, and received great feedback from the citizens.

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