Cool Pin-up art from Russia

Many people today are fans of some past times, and Russia on example has a very strong Pin-up art presence. Today we bring you a few pin-up Russian art comics made by Natalia Ershova, Marina Kmet, Olga and Alexey Drozdov, Tatiana Doronina, Valery Barykin and some other strong pin-up names from Russia. We are pretty sure you will enjoy this beautiful but comic images of Russian or better to say Slavic version of Pin-up. via(source)

pin-up-russian-artists1 pin-up-russian-artists3 pin-up-russian-artists5 pin-up-russian-artists6 pin-up-russian-artists7 pin-up-russian-artists9 pin-up-russian-artists10 pin-up-russian-artists11 pin-up-russian-artists12 pin-up-russian-artists13 pin-up-russian-artists14 pin-up-russian-artists15 pin-up-russian-artists16 pin-up-russian-artists17 pin-up-russian-artists18 pin-up-russian-artists19 pin-up-russian-artists20 pin-up-russian-artists21 pin-up-russian-artists22 pin-up-russian-artists23 pin-up-russian-artists24 pin-up-russian-artists25 pin-up-russian-artists26  pin-up-russian-artists28

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