Croatian game ‘SCUM’ becomes a “big biznis” success, almost 1 milion sold

SCUM has the most developed metabolism system in the video game industry…

Enough about Fortnite, there is a new Slav-made game, straight out of Croatia. The name of the game is ‘scum’, if you ask why, it is because in it you’re a renegade prisoner and do your best to survive in a battle-royale survival style game. SCUM first took Fortnite by the number of reviews on Twitch and soon after became the best-selling game on Steam, which is pretty fantastic for a small Croatia. SCUM is a product of two Croatian companies – Gamepires and Croteam (Serious Sam, remember that game?). The idea for SCUM came about two and a half years ago when the market was a popular survival game, but none was made to so they decided to make the best survival game on the market.

SCUM is a next generation, story driven survival game featuring extremely complex game mechanics and unrevealed survival features. Gamepires is an experienced team oriented towards innovation and perfection in game production and have decided to develop SCUM side by side in collaboration with its community with the goal of making the best possible survival game yet.

Hard work, a lot of sleepless nights and the game reached incredible 700,000 sales units, making it the most successful Croatian game in history.

None of us expected such success honestly.And I think most of us are still unaware of what exactly happened .The numbers varied depending on which one you asked in the studio, but someone told us this number as today I think everyone would laugh and say, at least , he described the mood in Gamepires Josip.

What is so special about it? Realism!

SCUM is a video game in which you are in the role of prisoner on the island.Your primary goal is to survive whatever you know and die.Your character must eat and drink and watch for what is happening around him, but also because SCUM has the most developed metabolism system in the video game industry and beyond.

SCUM aims to evolve the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival.

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