Digital Artists From Russia Have Shown Us How Virtual Reality Could Look

Imagine walking down the street enjoying pixelated virtual additions…

Photo: / pxirl

The Russian project “Defected Pixel” is causing quite a stir online, in fact it’s gone viral. The creators combine real photos with pixelated objects, including a man smoking, a gramophone, food…even the sky has been given the eight-bit treatment.

“Defected Pixel” is all about injecting color into the “grey boring days,” according to the creators. All you need is an imagination and Photoshop. More: Defected Pixel h/t: rbth

Dmitry Shafrov, one of the artists behind the project, is an avid gamer with fond memories of the Sega and Dendy-era consoles. “As a kid I had often imagined how games’ characters would be seen in reality,” he says.

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