Eastern Blocks: Explore the Concrete Landscapes of the Former Eastern Bloc

‘Sleeping districts’ of Moscow, Plattenbauten of East Berlin, modernist estates of Warsaw, Kiyv`s Brezhnevki: although these are home to the vast majority of city dwellers, post-war suburbs of central and eastern Europe have been invisible for decades. Eastern Blocks is a photographic journey through the cityscapes of the former Eastern Bloc, inviting readers to explore the districts that became a playground for mass housing development after WW2, including objects like houses ‘on chicken legs’, soviet ‘flying saucers’ or hammer-shaped tower blocks.

The book contains over 100 photographs taken by Zupagrafika, with special contributions by local photographers, showcasing modernist and brutalist architecture scattered around the cities of Moscow, East Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Kyiv and Saint Petersburg. Divided into 6 chapters, includes a foreword by writer and journalist Christopher Beanland, index of architects, orientative maps and informative texts on the featured cities and constructions. [ Author: Zupagrafika, Contributors: David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka (Zupagrafika): photography, texts and edition, Alexander Veryovkin: photography, Balázs Csizik: photography, Christopher Beanland: foreword ]

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