Europa Skopje: The Macedonian Chocolate Heaven Factory

The oldest confectionery fabric on the Balkans

The name “Europe” isn’t only the beauty of the continent and its countries; the same name (Macedonian: Европа, Evropa) is carried by the oldest confectionery factory established in 1882 in Skopje, Macedonia. This factory has developed through the years, starting as a chocolate, candy and lokum (Turkish delight which is famous in the Balkans, too) workshop. Today, already existing for 135 years, the same produces over 5.000 tones sweets per year.

Its products include over 20 different chocolates, chocolate desserts (the most famous among them are the creamed bananas and Praline), bonbons (you MUST try Choco Mints!), biscuits, wafers, caramels and a lot of different New Year’s specialties.

The factory has three main sectors:

  • Cocoa products, lokum and chocolate desserts
  • Sector for bonbon products
  • Sector for flour products

Evropa is not just the chocolate heaven, but also the favorite reminder and symbol for a sweet childhood. We all remember King Rum bars, chocolate jelly bunnies (Macedonian: Чоко Зајко), creamed bananas, all of the different-flavored caramels (especially the classic ones wrapped in yellow paper), fruit jelly, Cherry assorted desserts and Praline (yummy!)


Evropa’s cooking chocolate is part of every home; not only as the necessary part of every kitchen, but also as the last hope left alive when there’s no other sweet at home!


You cannot walk into your grandma’s house, without noticing at least one full jar of Evropa’s hard drops. Their newest products are delicious and heavy-breathing chocolates with hazelnuts, dried fruits and variety of fillings (the same awake variety of feelings toward the desserts ).

White Mint is among the highest selling sweets in Serbia. Proof that this factory is amazing, is the fact that the same exports in 19 countries, including the Balkans, USA and Australia.

Evropa Skopje has won many local and international prizes and the same continues to maintain its tradition. So, are you ready to put on some weight?

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