Gopniks – why do Slavs Squat?

Slavs Squatting is the new trend, no more planking

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Gopnik (gop, gopota, gopar, punks, gop. races.  is a normal kid living in the post-revolutionary Petrograd, just a resident of the City Hostels proletariat (now hotel “Oktyabrskaya”, according to popular memes) – so they are the lowest multi-cellular scum of the criminal street world, in fact just the small street criminals, seen by some just as a copy of one of the street animals (cats, dogs, gopnik etc). Their main activity is squeezing cigarettes, drinking cheap alcohol and as expected petty theft and fraud. Gopnik type of people in the “west” have different names, but it should be noted that for example English version are chavy ****bags.

As they say in Odessa there are “too big differences” in term of “risk to life and health” between Gopniks and Chavs, because Gopnik life-style is so much more dangerous.

What you saw in the video above is how Gopniks preform their ritualistic “Slav Squat” dance usually followed by Russian language trance music. This is probably one of the videos that started the internet trend of cosplaying them and gave Gopniks the god-like status in the eyes of the westerners (read Chavs as Gopniks referrer to them).

Definition of being Gopnik

In a social sense, Gopnik is basically just a small parasite-eating predator, deprived of normal human conscience and high intelligence that human primates have. Their reduced ability to complex purposeful activity (such as working or studying) because of their inherited cerebral dysfunction is their biggest obstacle in having a normal life.

Very shallow definition of Gopnik was given in one Russian journal:

Gopnik wants to get into a jail, not get out of it, get on the needle, not get off it “

Traditional Gopnik Adidas shoesOften from childhood Gopniks show psychopathic traits that are present in them such as lying, low propensity for empathy, self-centeredness. Regular consumption of substances just makes their psychopathic quality increases to a level that you can’t handle anymore. Gopnik compensates for their “feelings of inferiority” by harming normal people. As a rule, attacks on unarmed bunch of people, preferred children or older people.

Gopnik – a natural catastrophe

World is full of cruelty and violence, be it artistic, theatrical or real and everyday. In such a world gangster style and looks are high looked upon among the Gopniks – this is why they are the last males on the planet Earth that wear leather gangster caps dating from 1920 (in style) – maybe along the queers from drama school, rehearsing some historical musical. Gopnik believes that word “man” means “Gopnik” so this is why they only attack weak people and beat them only if they outnumber them at least by five vs one person.

No one, even the most daring, Gopnik will not dare to attack a stronger person, such as a boxer. But why? Yes, good question! Well, it is simple, because it’s easier to beat someone who can not fight back. It is easier to blame the shortcomings or mistakes of others than to look for problems in themselves. Is not it? Anyway our progress on lectures about Gopniks are good for now, let us continue!

Random Gopnik fact:

Sunflower seeds (“semechki” “semki”) is their truly favorite food:

“Gopnik” the rise of the Slav Squat subculture

The emerging of the young people of 14-25 years old, who come from the poor, mostly suburbs of large cities and provincial small towns. They are distinguished by low educational, intellectual handicap, low cultural levels, limitations and poverty in language. The most simple and accessible way to enjoy their time are: disco, drinking, sex, drugs. Particulars of their clothing style is also very well known: tracksuits, cap, sneakers (all – a cheap, mostly of Chinese origin).

According to recent studies Gopnik is a sect (destructive cult) with brainwashing propaganda of drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. The sect is extremely common in Russia, so that is not perceived as a cult.

This deserves to go in Cultural Anthropology section of Slavic countries!

A little gallery of Gopniks (and their infamous Slav squatting)

And finally, as a sign of their belonging to Slavic countries !

Do you Slav Squat?

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