Health Benefits Of Czech Beer Spa?

As you know the Czech Republic is famous because of beer. Czech people are first around the World in beer consumption. The oldest brewery of the Czech Republic is located in Prague’s Břevnov. Nowadays beer is not only kind of the most favorite beverage but it has also usage  in the Spa sector. As you know spa and wellness is kind of relaxing and healing procedures, that’s the reason why they established special ,,beer spa”. Beer contains lot of proteins and minerals which are beneficial for our skin and hair.

There are many benefits on our health. Here are Indication of procedure: for skin it is very successful treatment of psoriasis, cellulitis and also acne. Outstanding anti-stress treatment. Support of skin regenerative capacity, overall modulation of dermatitis problems and mental dis harmonies, drop of blood pressure and improvement of circulation in the periphery. This treatment has also some Contra-indication, as a for example: it is not suitable for person who has high blood pressure, after heart surgery, for pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy and also for children below the age of 15. As you can see there are not so many indications. It is probably the reason why beer spa is so popular.

Around whole country are located many beer spa places. Here are couple of tips for you. One of them you can visit in the capital city. Beer Spa Prague are located in the Old Town Square so it is great option how to unite historical monuments with relax. During your relaxing in the bath with beer you have unlimited consumption of Krušovice beer. After bath you can continue with relaxing in the unique hopped sauna.

Visitors who will not be in Prague can enjoy this experience in another city. For example close to Mariánské lázně is small town called Chodová Planá. Place where you can enjoy real relax. Except beer bath with special herbals you will continue with massage. After that procedures you can visit local restaurant called ,,Ve skále” which mean in the rock, because it is really located in the rock. Here served typical Czech cuisine and you can continue with tasting local beer. Include that area is also hotel where you can stay and beer museum. They also organized events as a European Championship in Beer Barrels.

Even Moravia region is specialized on wine also there is place with beer spa. You can visit Rožnosvké pivní lázně where you can choose from many types of relaxing procedures. Then you can visit their beer shop. In the Czech Republic are many places where you can enjoy that kind of relaxing treatement. Generally all of them offer the same services.

The main treatment is beer bath where you stay in the bath full of mixed water with beer and kind of herbals, somewhere they add some extra ingredients as a sea salt or Czech mineral water called Vincentka which is also full of minerals. In the bath you spend around 30 minutes and then you should continue with relaxing. Generally that places have special room with dim light, comfortable sofa and warming blankets. For people who prefer deeper relaxation is prepared full body massage or facial treatment.

After this amazing relax is time to eat and drink some beer specialties. Generally most of that kind of spa has some special beer, they have it from some small brewery, with different flavor or they prepare their own beer. It can be as a nice experiment. Of course you should eat something. Somewhere you can taste special bread made of beer or another snack as a cheese or sort of sausages.

Spa which is part of the hotel has usually own restaurant where you can taste some special ,,beer menu”. Include menu is usually kind of meat but most of the time it is pork which is typical for Czech. With meat you will get bread or chips and usually pickles. It is great way how to connect relax and taste Czech cuisine.

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