Macedonian brands of snacks and beverages you’d love on the table

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The best brands for snacks and beverages from Macedonia

1. Vitaminka

Стоби Флипс во вселената! Стоби Флипс, брендот број еден во Македонија, се вивна во вселената и го освои и овој простор. Компанијата Витаминка го лансира Стоби Флипс во вселената со цел да го заземе и последниот простор кој остана недопрен од него. Со ова симболично лансирање на нови и далечни простори се одбележува 40-годишнината од почетокот на производството на омилениот македонски бренд. Лансирањето на Стоби Флипс во вселената беше организирано од Маркетинг Агенцијата Дивижн. Флипсот беше лансиран на 36 000 метри и целиот пат до орбитата на Земјината топка е регистриран во видео запис. Ова е потфат кој веројатно ќе се памети долго време и секогаш кога ќе се посегне по Стоби Флипс.

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A brand that exists 60 years on the market, all of its products are well known by older as well as younger generations. From savory snacks to sweets, everything Vitaminka makes is delicious. Originally, this company started off as a factory for ground red pepper, back in 1956, in Prilep, Macedonia. In the late 70’s, changes and innovations were introduced with new products.The most famous product is the Stobi Flips (peanut-flavor curly flips) that go well with beer or any other beverage. You can have them in peanut flavor, or pizza, cheese, ketchup, hotdog flavor sticks, sour cream and onion rings, and even BBQ rings.

They also made the Atlantis chocolates in the shapes of seashells. Tasty milky white and dark chocolate mix that melts in the mouth.

Then, the Sirius chocolate mini bars in flavors: coconut, caramel, hazelnut, crispy hazelnut, yogurt and strawberry.

Also, the delicious crispy chocolate-covered Stobi flips.

2. Agrokrem 

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With the modern Swisslion technology, this company makes the famous and recognizable Agrokrem chocolate bars Agrokrem blok that most of us remember as the childhood candy bar, made of two cocoa layers and white cream in between.

They also make the Ressana jaffa cakes with cherry, orange and raspberry jello flavor.

Then, there are the childhood petit choco-candies Bonny Top, the Slavic version of choco M&M’s  !

3. AD Evropa

The heaven for everyone with a sweet tooth. It’s like entering Willy Wonka’s factory – the choice here of what is tastier is pretty hard. Everything is tasty and you can’t just have one piece or just one product. The all-time favorites are:

The famous Choko Lokum which is chocolate-covered Turkish delight with a specific sweet aroma and they are perfectly chewable you’ll eat almost the whole box!

The other favorite is the Rum Shtangla that is a thin candy bar covered in chocolate and with a center of some delicious hard-grainy-smooth rum flavor pressed mix. ADDICTIVE.

They also make Choco Mint hard candies, which are white minty outer candy layer with a center of soft melting chocolate. Nobody can last until they reach it, just crack and chew the hard candy to enjoy the sweet chocolate cream inside.

They also make dark chocolates with orange pieces, cranberry, almonds, walnuts, raisins, hazelnuts – you can see the chunks through the chocolates which offer a true pleasure for the gourmet-dessert lovers.

Also, try the Cherry chocolate dessert candies with gorgeous small seedless cherry and liqueur inside the chocolate!

And most people that know about Evropa would say they remember the chewy-soft-sugary Praline candies! With the same texture as the Rum Shtangla, these candies come with a center flavor of lemon, strawberry, orange, apricot. Careful with these too, you’ll end up eating more than 10 or 20 pieces 🙂

On this list, there has to be the famous Krem Banana with foamy sweet center resembling like marshmallow foam, covered in chocolate. But this one has the aroma of something semi-fruit, banana-like 🙂

Do you like those choco-covered thin mints? This factory makes them too, except they are thick, so you can enjoy the mint chocolate pieces much better.

Then the famous wafers Jadran with mouth-watering chocolate velvety cream between the wafer layers. They are known for being served with bitter brewed coffee, and every Babushka has similar wafers at home  !

4. Tikves Winery

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When it comes to wine, Tikves makes the best. Wine-lovers can choose from an amazing broad palette of products here. White wines, rose, reds – for every meal or snack, you can find the perfect sweet or dry wine. If you want something pricey and indeed high quality, don’t miss out on Barovo vino which is an aromatic blend of blackberries and wild strawberries, perfect for pairing with a fancy non-vegetarian meal.

5. Pivara Skopje – Skopsko Beer, and Prilep Brewery

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The best selling beer in Macedonia, Skopsko beer comes in light version, dark, Skopsko smooth (4.5% alcohol), then the refreshing Skopsko Radler with a nice fresh lemon aroma and less fizziness which is perfect for the summer days and Skopsko Cherry with a nice dark pink hue and cherry aroma, quite specific for the palate. And lastly, Zlaten Dab from Prilep Brewery which gained more popularity for quite some time now. For us, these beers are easily drunk like water, they taste amazing and they’re even better with some snacks and finger foods. Before you know it, after a few small bottles you’ll be feeling awesome, that’s the power of Macedonian beer.

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