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Meet Anastasiya Sidorova – Russian Girl Who Suffered From Baldness But Now She Is A Modern Day Rapunzel

When life gives you lemons, make a vodka lemonade and fight back

Photo: / sidorovaanastasiya

This is a story about a woman that was hit by a illness that affected the most precious asset of any woman, hair, and the way she fought back and prevailed. This life Rapunzel has explained that she has not always had these pretty flowing red locks, she admitted history of issues with suffering from the debilitating condition alopecia (spot balding). Anastasiya Sidorova now boasts enviable locks at the age of 23 but has recently told how she suffered from baldness from the age of 18.

Such has been the extent of Muscovite Anastasia’s recovery that she has now gone onto model for Pantene shampoo, appearing in adverts in Russian magazines. More info: Instagram (h/t: dailymail)

On her Instagram page she said: “Today I measured the length of my hair for the first time. I never wondered about this question, but there are a lot of questions. So, the length of the hair is 106 cm.”

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