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Meet Angela Nikolau, the Russian Daredevil Girl Who Climbs Most Dangerous Places to Take a Selfie

Selfies have become an professional business, and it is getting extreme

Russia – Selfies today are a common thing, so if you want your selfies to stand out, you better try hard. This is why Angela Nikolau has taken selfie-art to the next level by taking professional selfie photographs of herself on world’s riskiest locations. She’s just 23 years old, but already has created a large social following that starves for more updates.

Now if you want to see how a daredevil selfie across Russian tallest buildings looks like, well this is it, enjoy. However, beneath this selfie dogma, actually photographs are really nice and will provide you an Arial view of Russia as you have never seen it before! Follow Angela’s Instagram (h/t: photogrist)

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What do you think?

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