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Most Beautiful Russian And Ukrainian Female Singers

Beauty will save the world, for sure. But when it comes to a beautiful woman with charming voice, it brings, probably, one of the most thrilling aesthetic pleasures. Let’s take a look at the most attractive Russian and Ukrainian female singers. Enjoy!

Elena Temnikova

18.04.1985 Kurgan, USSR (Russia).

Elena Temnikova / Темникова (@lenatemnikovaofficial) * Instagram photos and videos

4.2m Followers, 712 Following, 2,891 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Elena Temnikova / Темникова (@lenatemnikovaofficial)

Her musical career started in 2003 when she took part in television project “Star Factory”. Later she joined Maksim Fadeev’s band “Serebro” (Maksim Fadeev is one of the most talented Russian music producers and a singer with unique voice). The band participated in Eurovision song contest in 2007 and took third place. She’s currently a on her own with two albums (TEMNIKOVA, TEMNIKOVA II) and several  successful singles released: “Импульсы”, “Не модные”, “Тепло”, “Движения”, “Улетаем”, “Вдох”.

Vera Brezhneva

03.02.1982 Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine).

Vera’s known for her long time performing in one of the most famous female music bands in Post Soviet Countries – Via Gra, created by the brilliant Ukrainian producer Konstantin Meladze. In 2007 she was named the sexiest woman in Russia according to the magazine “Maxim”. In 2011 the sixth annual ceremony “The most beautiful people in Ukraine” took place in Kiev were she won the first place. Her solo career starts in 2008 with a song “Я не играю”.

The most successful singles are: “Любовь спасет мир”, “Бессоница”, “Девочка моя”, “Реальная жизнь”.

Polina Gagarina

27.03.1987 Moscow, USSR (Russia).

Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) * Фото и видео в Instagram

10 млн подписчиков, 527 подписок, 2,162 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Vera Brezhneva (@ververa)

In 2003 Polina, just as Elena Temnikova, took part in television project “Star Factory”, where her extaordinary voice was marked. After the end of the project a lot of professionals admitted she was the strongest among all winners of the several seasons. In 2015 she took part in Eurovision song contest and came in second with a song “Million voices”.

Her most memorable songs: “Колыбельная”, “Я тебя не прощу никогда”, “Спектакль окончен”, “Обезоружена”,”Я твоя”.

Alena Vinnitskaya

27.12.1974 Kiev, Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine).

Алена Винницкая (@alenavinnitskaya) * Фото и видео в Instagram

63.7 тыс. подписчиков, 185 подписок, 306 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Алена Винницкая (@alenavinnitskaya)

Former “Via Gra” star who participated in this band right from the very beginning.  In 1993 created a band “Last Unicorn” under the influence of the legendary Victor Tsoy’s band  “Kino”. From 2000 up to 2003 was the soloist of “Via Gra” together with Nadezda Granovskaya. After leaving the band started her solo career.

Her most outstanding singles: “Видишь я жива”, “Я буду кроткой”, “Зима”, “Подари мне свое сердце”.


27.06.1983 Bugulma, The Tatar ASSR (Russia).

ALSOU (@alsou_a) * Фото и видео в Instagram

1.9 млн подписчиков, 388 подписок, 1,727 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео ALSOU (@alsou_a)

Her music career began when she was 15. In 2000 she took part in Eurovision song contest and took the second place with her “Solo” song.

Her hits: “Зимний сон”, “Иногда”, “Все равно”, “Вчера”, “Не молчи”.

Tina Karol

 25.01.1985 Orotukan, Magadanskaya Oblast, USSR (Russia).

Тина Кароль 💋 (@tinakaroll) * Фото и видео в Instagram

21 тыс. подписчиков, 0 подписок, 395 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Тина Кароль 💋 (@tinakaroll)

Tina’s Ukrainian singer, actress, host and the National Artist of Uktaine 2017. She is also a coach in “The Voice of the Counrty” (similar to “America’s Got Talent”, for example) and “The Voice. Children”. The best Ukrainian performer of 2015 and 2017 according to the version of M1 Music Awards. Tina took part in Eurovision song contest in 2006 where she held 7th place.

Her best songs: “Выше облаков”, “Пупсик”, “Ноченька”, “Люблю его”, “Полюс притяжения”, “Ніжно”, “Твої грiхи / «Blindfold»”, “Україна — це ти”.

Ani Lorak

27.09.1978 Kitsman, Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine).

Ани Лорак (@anilorak) * Фото и видео в Instagram

4.5 млн подписчиков, 561 подписок, 3,440 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Ани Лорак (@anilorak)

She is the National Artist of Ukraine, one of the most talented Ukrainian singers. Took the second place at the Eurovision song contest with her song “Shady Lady”. Ani’s the winner of “Golden Gramophone”, “Performer of the Year”, “Person of the Year”, “Song of the Year” as well as five “gold” and two “platinum” disks with her voical range of 4,5 octaves.

Her most recognizable singles: “Ангел моiх мрiй”, “Полуднева спека”,”Мрій про мене”, “Три звичних слова”, “Верни мою любовь”, “Удержи моё сердце”, “Сумасшедшая”, “Я буду солнцем”.

Olga Seryabkina

12.04.1985 Moscow, USSR (Russia).

MOLLY (@serebro_official) * Фото и видео в Instagram

3 млн подписчиков, 194 подписок, 6,508 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео MOLLY (@serebro_official)

Is known under the nickname MOLLY. She is a singer (a member of the “Serebro” female band), songwriter and poetess. At the age of 17 became candidate in master of sports in ballroom dancing. Her career started in 2004 when she was a ballet dancer and back vocalist of the Russian singer Irakli. She is also a songwriter for a lot of Russian artists. Now you can observe her life and work through instagram, as she is an active social media user.

Her hits: “Like Mary Warner”, “Сломана”, “Chocolate”, “Давай держаться за руки”, “Я тебя не отдам”.”

Anna Sedokova

16.12.1982 Kiev, Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine).

ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) * Фото и видео в Instagram

4.6 млн подписчиков, 1,012 подписок, 8,632 публикаций – посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova)

She is best known for being the member of the “golden era” of Via Gra band. Anna started her solo career around 2006. She is also an active social media user and one can easilyread news about her upcoming singles and events right from her instagram page. Her most famous songs: “Привыкаю”, “Что я наделала”, “Что я наделала”, “Вселенная”.

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