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All Slavic countries have found themselves behind the Iron Curtain after the end of the World War II, thus coming under the influence of the Soviet Union. You might wonder what that fact has to do with monuments and statues scattered around the Slavic world, but the answer is quite simple. Communist regime is either sworn by or scorned these days, but you’ve got to give them credit for one thing – they really knew how to inspire the people by creating monumental statues of breathtaking beauty, artistic value and size. Not all monuments in our countries are of communist origin, however. Some of them are rather unconventional – shall we say. They are so unconventional in fact, that they’re downright hilarious at times. Take a look at some of the most hilarious monuments and statues we have stumbled upon in Slavic countries.

“Piss” in Prague, Czech Republic

You don’t need too many words to describe something like this. If we didn’t know David Cerny better, we really wouldn’t have known what to say about his sculpture which happens to be in front of the Franz Kafka museum. Piss statue depicts two “gentlemen” urinating in a small pool which itself is shaped in a way depicting map of the Czech Republic. Irony or artistic genius – call it whatever you like. But you have to agree that it’s something you wouldn’t expect to find in country’s capital.

Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is exactly what I’ve been writing about in the intro. This imposing monument from the Soviet era is surrounded by a large park, while its pedestal is 37 meters high. It’s usually an awe-striking behemoth of a monument, but sometimes it radiates different kind of emotions. It’s often painted by various activist groups in a way that can’t fail to make you laugh. Just look at one of its “restorations”.

Radiator Monument in Samara, Russia

Yep, you’ve read it right. It’s not a monument to some famous historical figure or event. It’s a monument to radiator heating which, let’s face it, means a lot when you live in Russia – although there are far worse places than Samara in world’s largest country. At least there’s a cat resting atop the nice, warm radiator, so the sculpture is not that lifeless after all.

Donkey Statue in Dalmatia, Croatia

If you visit Croatian coastline, Dalmatia, you will probably sooner or later see their regional mascot animal, the donkey. However there is this one cute little statue donkey on stairs that makes people smile. It’s just a miniature goofy smiled donkey that serves the same purpose as little gnomes over Poland.

Darth Vader Statue in Odessa, Ukraine

It’s one of the newer monuments in Ukraine, being unveiled in October, 2015. However, statue’s history dates way back to the Communist era as it used to be the monument to the greatest Soviet communist ever born. You’re guessing it right – it was a Lenin statue a couple of years back. Instead of tearing it down as a part of decommunization process in Ukraine, authorities have allowed local artist Alexander Milov to transform it into the statue of another great leader. Guess that Galactic Empire quotes better than the Soviet Union in Ukraine these days.

Dwarfs in Wroclaw, Poland

These little fellas are scattered around Wroclaw, and there are currently more than 300 of them. They have become an attraction of their own over the years as tourists visiting the city usually receive brochures with map showing them location of every single one of them. Up for some dwarf hunting?

Rocky in Zitiste, Serbia

If Bruce Lee came as a surprise, what to say about Rocky Balboa statue in small Serbian municipal town of Zitiste? The statue was erected in 2007 and represents Zitiste inhabitants’ unbreakable spirit – or so those responsible for the erection of the monument would have you think so. In any case, this is now what Zitiste is known for. Incidentally, this is also where we’re concluding our search for hilarious monuments in Slavic countries. Feel free to let us know if you think we’ve forgotten something.

Bruce Lee in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again. As of 2005, Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina boasts a statue of Bruce Lee. It’s actually the oldest Bruce Lee monument in the world predating the Hong Kong statue by a single day. If kung fu legend only knew about the die-hard fan base he has in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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