Most Successful Slavic Beauty Pageant Winners

Take a look at the history of Slavic beauty pageant winners

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Europe – Even though Slavic women are known to be beautiful and very successful in the modelling world and a lot of them are Victoria’s Angels, the list of beauty pageant winners of Slavic descent is not very long. Looking at the 4 most prominent beauty competitions: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth (usually referred to as the Big Four), the countries with the most wins are Venezuela (22) and Philippines (12), followed by Brazil (6).

Beauty pageant pioneers for the Slavs were Saša Zajc, a Slovenian that won Miss Europe title in 1969 representing Yugoslavia and Tania Verstak, a Russian that won Miss International 1962 while representing Australia.

1. Lidija Manić – Miss International 1975

Lidija Manić is a Serbian beauty pageant titleholder, actress and TV personality who became the first woman from Yugoslavia to win a major international title after being crowned Miss International 1975. Since Yugoslavia has since disintegrated into several countries, Manić remains as the only winner of a major beauty pageant from Yugoslavia, beside Saša Zajc (Miss Europe 1969).

2. Oxana Fedorova – Miss Universe 2002

Oxana won the Miss Universe pageant in 2002. Although she resigned, she remains the only Slavic lady to ever win this title. Oxana is a television personality, beauty queen, singer and actress, and a former police inspector. In 2011, Fedorova was named the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time by the pageantry website Global Beauties.

Since Oxana Fedorova was dethroned, the Miss Universe title went to her first runner-up, another Slavic beauty – Polish Justine Pasek that represented Panama.

2. Julia Kourotchkina – Miss World 1992

Julia is a Russian actress, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss World in 1992.

4.  Džejla Glavović – Miss Earth 2002

Džejla Glavović was crowned in the Philippines as the second Miss Earth representing her country Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although dethroned, Džejla became the first lady from B&H to win a major international title in a beauty contest.

5. Taťána Kuchařová – Miss World 2006

Taťána Kuchařová is a Czech actress, dancer, model and beauty queen who won the title of Miss World 2006. In doing so, she made history to become the first woman from the Czech Republic ever to win the title at the final event of the Miss World competition.

6. Ksenia Sukhinova – Miss World 2008

Ksenia Sukhinova is a Russian TV Host, model and beauty queen who won Miss World 2008 in South Africa. She is the second Russian woman to win the Miss World pageant.

7. Agnieszka Kotlarska – Miss International 1991

Agnieszka Kotlarska (August 15, 1972 – August 27, 1996) was a Polish fashion model. She was the first Polish winner of the Miss International beauty pageant in 1991.

8. Agnieszka Pachałko – Miss International 1993

Agnieszka Pachałko is the second Polish beauty to win the Miss International competition in 1993. She worked as a fashion model for Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin and Nina Ricci.

9. Natalie Glebova – Miss Universe 2005

Natalie Glebova is a Russian-Canadian who won the Miss Universe 2005 pageant. Glebova was born in Tuapse, Russia and she is a TV Host, author, dancer and model.

10. Tereza Fajksová – Miss Earth 2012

Tereza Fajksová is a Czech model and international beauty pageant titleholder. She won the Miss Earth 2012 beauty pageant. Before becoming a model, she was a volleyball player. Fajksová is the first delegate from the Czech Republic to win this title.

11. Małgorzata Rożniecka – Miss International 2001

Małgorzata Rożniecka (born 1978, in Szczecin) is the third Polish winner of the Miss International beauty pageant.

12. Aneta Kręglicka – Miss World 1989

Aneta Beata Kręglicka is a Polish dancer and beauty queen who won the Miss World 1989 contest. She became the first and only woman from Poland to win the title.

Honorable mentions:

1. Eleonora Mancheva (Bulgaria) – Mrs. Universe 2007
2. Monika Žídková (Czech Republic) Miss Europe 1995
3. Yelena Rogozhina (Russia) – Miss Europe 1999
4. Svetlana Koroleva (Russia) Miss Europe 2002
5. Anica Martinović Kovač (Croatia) – Miss World 1995 First Runner-Up
6. Slađana Božović (Serbia) – Miss Earth 2002 First Runner-Up
7. Olesya Stefanko (Ukraine) – Miss Universe 2011 First Runner-Up
8. Isidora Borovcanin (Bosnia & Herzegovina) – Miss World Top Model 2014

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