Most Weird Photoshop Images You Can Find On Russian Social Networks

You’re into mermaids or unicorns? No problem, others are too it seems.

Have you ever got on some strange page on internet and thought “Oh my god, the dark side of internet”? Well, we got something which will probably feel similar. Ladies and gentleman, Behold the most weirdest social media profiles in Russia. These brave unicorns, mermaids, angels, are all actually ordinary men and woman that just wanted to enhance their social profiles a bit.

You’re into mermaids? No problem, seems that there are people that are into that stuff just like you are! These gems were mined from the Russian social network Odnoklassniki, which means “Schoolmates”. Odnoklassniki is a popular network for old friend and classmates to stay in touch. It’s basically local Facebook for Russia and former Soviet Republics. h/t: sobadsogood, sadanduseless

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