Old Babushka crosses ice-cold river barefoot, proves old generations are tough as hell

VideosIn the Vologda region, grandmother crosses a river barefoot

Do you feel cold in your warm cloth traveling to your work in your warm cosy car? …and you still complain how cold it is? Well let that sink in…now this is a story about a senior citizen of Vologda: Lyudmila Nikolaevna Galikova, who crosses the river barefoot in any weather. Not that long ago on the Russian side of the Internet the video of an elderly woman crossing the icy river went viral.

Old Lyudmila has to get some groceries and breat in a “local” store, but in order to get to the store, there is no bridge over the river and the road around it takes 40 minutes of walking. This is where the naturally tough Russian babushka takes the shortcut. via

Would you dare to cross this river like this or are you too spoiled to do it like a real man….sorry…real babushka? Yeah, we thought so.

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