Polish Surname Challenge: Two Poor Foreigners Breaking Their Tongues

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Nothing in your life will break you as much as trying to pronounce Polish surnames if you are not native to the language. After trying to pronounce these random letters glued together, suddenly things like nuclear physics or engineering a rocket will seem like a breeze. These two poor guys gave their best, it didn’t turn out that well for them.

Slavic languages are complicated in general and all these complicated Slavs agree on one thing, Polish is the hardest for sure. The notoriously difficult phonology of the Polish language has always caused much trouble and confusion for neighboring nations. But what are the absolute hardest words?

“W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie”

Now for the fun of it try to pronounce these Polish words:

  1. Żółć – bile

  2. Szczęście – happiness

  3. Pszczyna – town name

  4. Następstw – consequence

  5. Źdźbło – a grass-stalk

  6. Bezwzględny – ruthless

  7. Szymankowszczyzna – village name

  8. Szczebrzeszyn – town name

  9. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz – man name and surname

Your tongue hurts enough now? Head too? awww…. Well you’re not the only one. Polish people don’t care tho, they are very proud of their hardened language. It makes them feel like they are speaking in hidden codes all the time, no one else can understand them or break their code. Germans see Polish language as random letters glued together, Russians call them ‘pshekat’ because of their phonology and Czech see them as Czech children with a speech defect. But these are all just jokes, we all love Poles don’t we. Tried to pronounce any of these?

What do you think?

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