Privisa Is a Polish cartoon based on Slavic mythology

“Privisa” is an beautiful animated family cartoon that is set in the era of the first Slavic tribes, ancestors of the nations from Central Europe today. This mesmerizing cartoon follows the life story of 11-year-old boy Wilkan (Wilk = Wolf), and his caring father Borzymir and grandfather Stanimir, who try to save their village. As expected story is all but plain, it’s actually an epic story about love for family, hard life choices and nuisance of growing up. This anime movie project is still in stage of development and international presentation thought marketing. For example the concept took place at Cartoon Movie, Lyon (2-4th March 2016).

Incredible art and even better Slavic story

Now let us see some promo materials for the upcoming animated spectacle ‘Privisa’, based on Slavic mythology and life or early Slavs:

Now we know you are hyped about this and you will love to overwatch it develop, this is why you can check their blog and follow them: the work blog of its animation studio, Juice.

Production: Platige Films, Co-production – Juice, Flat Foot Films
Project development co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

We are certain Privisa already mesmerized you? If not yet check these images:

Will you watch this animated masterpiece?

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