Russian Artist Produced incredible Fantasy Sculptures You Must Have

They are so cool you will have to get at least one for your room!

Photo: Demiurgus Dreams / Etsy

Demiurgus Dreams is a crafting studio that was founded by Evgeny Hontor based in Krasnodar region of Russia, but no worries you can buy their stuff over Etsy thought a link below as they explained on BoredPanda! They started to craft these remarkable clay figurines back in 2006 and later they decided to open a Etsy shop in 2012. It was a spot on decision and they gathered over 34k followers. If you don’t understand why people love their work so much, you should take a look at these pictures and you will understand.

“It is beautiful. It is the creation of the worlds. You can get carried away and explore new opportunities. It is a philosophy of life – to create. For me it is.” said Evgeny Hontor.

More info: Etsy

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