Russian Girls in Bikinis Draw Attention to Bad Road Conditions in Novosibirsk

When regular methods don’t work, you may have to become creative

Novosibirsk, Russia – most of the local residents think their roads are notoriously bad. So this is why Novosibirsk people decided to organize a different kind of protest so they would draw attention to the worst section of their local road in Novosibirsk. On cold April day this year the placed their local girls in their bikinis and they were all acting like they were on a awesome beach party. This was pretty genius and hilarious, so who ever was the brain behind this protest has great sense for humor.

Thanks to photographer Hitman Roland, we can see how the situation looked like. Still we do not know whether the roads are fixed or did this event draw any attention from Novosibirsk mayor, because after all it was a large beach party next to the road puddle. It’s obvious local drivers loved it and they smiled and waved in support of these ladies. h/t:(hitman-roland.livejournal)

This was just one of the protests they had in Novosibirsk as the locals have a problem with condition of a “capital” city of Siberia so to speak, this year also had a incident where one woman was killed by a icicle in Novosibirsk. Obviously ordinary citizens fighting for their rights are getting more creative as time goes, and history has thought us Russians are both creative and smart so we are sure they will succeed.

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