Russians That Look Like Hollywood Stars

Russia is a huge country and naturally in a large country there is a lot of people. Among this massive amount of people you are bound to find even Hollywood stars. You had no clue Jason Statham waits for bus at Sevastopol? Thor is taking a lunch break after hard manual work? Well now you know, they are here and live far away from Hollywood. Mother Russia has enough room for everyone. including them.

Yeah you are about to see Chuck Norris, Milla Jovovich and many others popular characters such as Thor, Doctor House or even singers as Eminem. Yeah Russia has it all,  so why don’t we take a look?

1# Leonardo DiCaprio(sky)

2# Eminem(ovich)

3# Thor (Perun?)

3# Bruce Willis(ich)

4# Doctor House(ich)

5. Mila Jovovich (she’s Slavic anyway)

6# Harrison Ford(mir)

7# Dolph Lundgren(sky)

8# Jack Nicholson(sky)

9# Chuck Norris(ovich)

10# Jason Statham(mir)

Leave us a comment if you saw some Hollywood star in your country! 🙂

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