Russia’s Weirdest TV Shows

Contemporary media culture is a beautiful collection of facts, faces, characters, and experience. Some of it inspire you, some form and change your opinions, and some seem like a complete waste of time. But every once in a while you stumble upon something that seems silly, strange, scandalous, but somehow amusing to a weird extent.

Every national television has several odd shows that many disregard as the rubbish of the consumerism society. But in all truth, all of us have some dumb programs we like to watch when we need to just lay around and procrastinate for a while. They may be terrible, but we love them exactly because of this. So here are some of the ‘guilty pleasures’ of modern Russian TV: the obnoxious shows that air or aired on the national channels of the country.

Sex-Mysticism (Sex-mistika)

Mmm, sex and magic, what a beautiful combination, right? Apparently, the creators of the series thought exactly that. And now, we have a show where the hostess Svetlana Usenko talks about the secrets of attraction, love, and dating, adding a dash of spells and spiritual practices.

If you’ve always wondered about the essential oils that are a ‘must have’ in your bedroom, or want to know how to boost your sensuality through opening the necessary chakras, this is the perfect show for you!

Temptations With Masha Malinovskaya (Soblazny s Mashei Malinovskoy) 

A controversial show, where people test their loved ones with the help of actors and hostess Masha Malinovskaya. The essence of it is simple – a person comes to the program wanting to see how loyal their partner is. A professional actor is then sent to make contact with unaware ‘victim’ and flirts with them shamelessly to see if they will fall for the trick and be ready to cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend.

As you can imagine, there is plenty of drama, more than in your usual soap operas! Tears, joy, hearts broken and mend…the show has it all.

To be honest, more often than not the guests actually seem to be actors themselves and situations seem staged rather than real, but oh well. Nothing is perfect.

Last Hero (Posledniy Geroy)

A Russian version of the popular show “Survivor”, where people are sent to an island with no conveniences such as electricity, showers, kitchen supplies, or internet. During their time there, characters learn to survive in the wilderness, relying only on their brains, hands, and other team members.

New season of it has a little twist though. This time show runners casted not ordinary people, but a team of celebrities and a team of famous psychics! So if you want to see how acting talent and shaman rituals help to survive in the middle of nowhere, this show won’t disappoint.


Pig-parade (Svin-parad)

Everyone knows about the charts on the television. Usually they make ones for movies, music, or celebrity fashion fails, but “Ю” channel took a different direction. As you can gauge from the name of it, it is the chart of, well, pigs. They show the cutest videos of those little wonders of nature for your amusement. Does this show bring you any useful information? No, not really. But is it sweet and fun? Yeah, actually it is.

Oh, and by the way, they have one for kittens too.


Damsel – Country Girl (Baryshnya-krestyanka)

The concept of this show is built on the contrasts. In each episode, we have two heroines: one lives a lavish life full of luxuries, the other comes from a very modest background and her life is often full of hard labor. And for several days they both get to experience something completely out of their comfort zone by switching lives.

A modern princesses have to learn to earn money the hard way, wash dishes, even work on a farm with animals, while others receive a ‘cinderella experience’ and try to fit in into the high-class society.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (Ya ne znala, chto beremenna) 

Did you know, that to some people childbirth may be a surprise they never saw coming until it actually started? Well, apparently it can be so. There are cases, in which a person wasn’t even aware of their own pregnancy till the very end. Sounds kinda crazy, right? This particular show tells insane stories of such people and it really makes you wonder how many surprises our life can bring.

What do you think?

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