Unusual Accommodation In The Czech Republic

Are you in the Czech Republic and still dont have any accommodation? Are you bored in classical type as a hotel or pension? So lets try something new, something unusal, something what you will remember long time.

What do you think about spend the night in a wine barrel? It is great option especially for wine lovers who can enjoy to stay in the middle of wineyard. Exactly, that kind of accomodation is possible try in the Moravia region. Its nice as a trip to enjoy wine tasting, beauty of local nature, food, culture and originally accommodation.

If you dont like wine but you are adventurer so lets enjoy sleeping on the straw called ,,Slamák”. It is little house made from straw. It has glass roof so you can watch the stars on the heaven during whole night. Youncant miss that romantic moment. This kind of accommodation is located in the middle of nature under the Sněžka which is the highest mountain of the Czech Republic. This is great place where you can connect hiking with exciting experience of accommodation.

Are you fun of fishing? So you must definitelly visit South Bohemia where you can live in small wooden house on the water surface. On that peaceful place you can sit and do fishing many hours.

Do you like honey and another be products? Have you ever heard about apitherapy? For that reason is special apiary where you can stay and sleep with bees. Bees have lot of benefits on human health. Dont worry because in that house are not bees in open air, but in their apiary, but still you can ,,feel contact “ with them and their special energy whis is so beneficial. You can spend here whole night or just two hours. Stay here has also some rules which every guest must follow. For example you can not use very aromatic parfume or cosmetic products, in the house you should move very slowly. This healing and for someone adrenaline experience can enjoy in Eastern Bohemia.

I think that everybody like sometimes to go out of reality so for that situation is here fairy tale village. This amazing fairy tale houses which look like tree houses will make happy children but also every adult who love to go back to their childhood. Lets go to Vysočina where you will find this enjoyment called ,,Podlesíčko”.

Nowadays is really important to take care about our nature and if we want to understand importance of that space, so we should spend more time somewhere in the nature. For this reason were built ,,Tree houses” where you can sleep in the tree crown. It is wooden ,,house” from where you can enjoy that amazing view around the whole forest. Great experience for couples but also family with children.

Do you like animals? Then is the best option for you stay during the night in the ZOO. In the city Tábor is ZOO where you can buy night in the fully furnished room and you can enjoy lot of fun. You can try to feed some of the animals or you can become keeper of the animals. This is really very remarkable experience.

Last tip is especially for woman. Every woman wish to become a princess and as a real princess you need your chateau or castle. So lets enjoy that moment and as a princess stay couple of nights in the chateau. In the Czech Republic are lot of options where you can feel that unforgettable moment. Include stay is generally also castle tour, catering and beauty nature everywhere around you.

So lets exit your comfort zone and enjoy something really unusual. Like that you will have lot of new experiences which you will remember long time. Even you will not stay in the luxury hotel, you can enjoy great services.

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