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Slavs Who Look Like Clones Of Hollywood Stars, People Mistake Them All The Time

How is this even possible?!

It is said that every person in the world, besides him, has 6 more exactly the same as him. Sometimes doubles do not know about each other, sometimes they happen to meet by chance. But what happens when you look like a celebrity? Everyone confuses you. You just stop on the streets and get asked for an autograph or a selfie. What do you think, are these people similar to celebrities, or not?

Is this Emilia Clark or not?

And another one

Cara Delevingne? Nope …

And another one

Jennifer Lawrence


And another one

Justin Bieber or just a guy?

Nicole Kidman or not?

Megan Fox or just a girl from the street?

Sasha, is that you?

Hello Harry Potter

Julia Stiles? Error!

Amy Winehouse? Nope!

John Snow or not?

And a few more people from the street, like celebrities

Donald Trump???

Ron Weasley

Severus Snape

Anthony Hopkins???

Leonardo???? 😮

This is the cosplay of Xenia Shelkovskaya, but one person, right?

What do you think?

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