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  • Amazing mountain solitude in Slovenia that you have to try

    Peacefully set on the beautiful slopes of the Kuk Mountain near Tolmin, Chalets Nebesa features one-of-a-kind breathtaking views of the  Soča Valley. This beautiful mountain resort is ideal for you to visit both during summer and winter because it offers […] More

  • 15 Photos that prove Slovakia is Awesome

    Czech based photographer, Viktor Hanacek visited Hight Tatras in Slovakia. This large mountain range in center of Slovakia is attracting more and more tourists each year and this will probably make you want to visit it. Viktor used Canon EOS […] More

  • Mountain Storm Shelters In Slovenia

    We guess there are some Architecture enthusiasts among our fans, as well as hikers and mountaineers. Though don’t worry even if you are not you will at least enjoy these sights that come right to us from Slovenian mountains. Extreme […] More

  • Top 9 Russian Places to Wake Up in a Tent

    There is one Russian photographer by the name Oleg Grigoryev and what he made for us is a photo shoot named “Morning Views From The Tent”. His life seems to be spectacular because what better is there than waking up, rolling […] More

  • Breathtaking Mountain Resorts In Serbia

    The vast majority of Serbia’s territory is dominated by mountains, from the Pannonian hills in the north all the way to the borders with Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia in the south. Serbia’s mountains belong to the Rhodopes, Carpathian, Balkan and […] More