Mountain Storm Shelters In Slovenia

aitoff (CC0), Pixabay

We guess there are some Architecture enthusiasts among our fans, as well as hikers and mountaineers. Though don’t worry even if you are not you will at least enjoy these sights that come right to us from Slovenian mountains. Extreme climatic conditions that happen on mountains of Slovenia can be very dangerous to any adventurer that might find himself there in the wrong moment! This is why architects and engineers designed these buildings, to withstand extreme weather, radical temperature change and heavy terrain. The object today is basic human necessity, a shelter for anyone that might find his life in danger during his adventure, in fact the shelter can accommodate up to 8 people inside. This project was made by Slovenian OFIS architects!

So now you know, if you plan to visit Slovenia this winter to enjoy mountaineering and hiking, you will be safe in case of a storm, snow or any other harsh weather conditions!

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