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  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Marek Kamiński – Incredible Polish Traveler

    He is a hero to many travelers around the world. People get inspired by his marvelous achievements and decide to reach their own Poles or Everest. Moreover, his life philosophy and magnetic personality make him an authority not only to […] More

  • 10 signs you were born and raised in Poland

    Living in a certain country leaves a mark on you, most likely forever. People that lived in Poland for a larger part of their lives have certain 10 traits that will set them apart from others. These are the things […] More

  • Bosniaks and Poles – Bosnjaci i Poljaci

    Encompassing mountainous region between Pannonia, Neretva, Drina and Vrbas, Bosnia was pretty much isolated from two main cultural and communication paths in the western Balkans during the Middle Ages. One of them lead passengers through Adriatic coastal cities of Croatia, […] More