Marek Kamiński – Incredible Polish Traveler

He is a hero to many travelers around the world. People get inspired by his marvelous achievements and decide to reach their own Poles or Everest. Moreover, his life philosophy and magnetic personality make him an authority not only to the ones who travel. Marek Kamińsi was born in 1964 in Gdańsk, Poland. As a child, he started to dream about traveling around the world. One of his first success was the first solo Polar expedition, about 350 km on skis, to Spitsbergen. He achieved it in 1990.

He holds the  Guinness World Record for being the first person to walk to both the North Pole and the South Pole, solo and unsupported. On 27 December 1995, he reached the South Pole alone. Earlier, on 23 May 1995, he reached the North Pole with Wojciech Moskal. Later he passed through all of the continents, he climbed up on many mountains, explored lands and the oceans.

Poles of life

His expeditions to the wildest and the most dangerous places of the world are often connected with his philanthropic activity. In 1996 he created a foundation which is involved in creating and running educational programmes, fund-raising for prostheses for those in need, and integrated camps for the disabled. One of the most spectacular achievements by his foundation was an organization of expeditions to both Poles by Marek Kamiński and disabled teenager Jasiek Mela. It was perhaps the most inspiring story you could find in media in 2004. Imagine an experienced traveler and a kid without leg and arm who reached two Poles together.

Apart from this, the foundation is well known for activities like:

– “Let’s Help Sick Children To Make Their Dreams Come True”, the first campaign by the Society, as a result of which the Foundation was founded. The funds raised were used to buy IV drips for children and to finance the upgrading of the Children’s Chemotherapy Ward at the Gdansk Medical Academy (1995).

– The organization of a trip to Antarctica at Christmas for two children from the Ełk and Ostrołęka Children’s Homes. The trip was first prize in a competition testing knowledge of the South Pole region. (1996/97)

– Give Others a Chance, fund-raising to buy prostheses for the disabled during the first “Together to the Pole” expedition. The total raised – 733,227 zlotys – was used to finance the purchase of prostheses for 65 people nationwide (2004)

– School for Crossing Borders, the organization of a free camp for disabled children. For two weeks 30 disabled young people took part in sports activities and a wide variety of themed workshops (2005)

– Help for Pakistan, raising donations for victims of the Pakistan earthquake (2005)

Wherever he appears, Kamiński brings the light of education, personal growth, and passion. He tries to teach people that life can be so much more than routine.

The Third Pole

A few years ago Kamiński started to plan another travel. The project was more spiritual than any other trip he has made before. Kamiński is well known as a very religious and deeply-thinking person. Therefore, he decided to travel from the East to the West, from Kaliningrad to Santiago de Compostela. He started his long way to Santiago praying next to the grave of his favorite philosopher Immanuel Kant. At the end of the pilgrimage, Kamiński was sure that this travel is like reaching the third Pole. He wrote a book about this incredible experience.

The philosophy and travels

Marek Kamiński might be called a philosopher on the road, a traveler guided by philosophy. His life might be a good example to many people who want to connect traveling with making this world a better place.

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