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  • Rijeka – hear the Story of the Dragon City

    Rijeka is the third biggest city in Croatia and is also the largest port and administrative center of Kvarner. Due to it’s perfect geographical position Rijeka was in it’s history one of the largest and leading European ports, and has […] More

  • Poland – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Poland can offer so much, from mountainous areas in the south, excellent for skiing and hiking, through the surprisingly beautiful cities such as Krakow, Gdansk and Zamosc to the National Park Białowieża Forest and Mazurijska lakes in the north. When to visit […] More

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Warsaw

    Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of one glorious country, Poland! Now your knowledge on Poland or Warsaw could be sparse, but let us help you a bit then. It’s just over 260 kilometers away from the beautiful […] More

  • Tour Through Czechoslovakia With Old Photos

    We all like to travel, but what makes traveling and tourism most fun is the comprehensive historical back-filled tours that really give us a glimpse how and why things look the way they are today. So for an online tour […] More