Rijeka – Hear The Story Of The Croatian Dragon City

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Rijeka is the third biggest city in Croatia and is also the largest port and administrative center of Kvarner. Due to it’s perfect geographical position Rijeka was in it’s history one of the largest and leading European ports, and has a well – developed industrial zone of which the most prominent is shipbuilding. Rijeka consists of not one but three shipyards. The oldest is in Kraljevica which was established in 1729. In the early nineties, there was a sudden collapse of the industry and there was an reduction in port traffic, which was the reason why the city of Rijeka give more attention to the development of tourism, one of the reasons why you can find nice hotels to stay at in Rijeka.
It’s a well – known industrial and tourist city and because of it’s long history it offers many sights that attract a growing number of visitors. The city offers many gastronomic, cultural, sporting and entertainment events such as the famous Carnival, which is currently known as the second most famous carnival in the world.

One of the most famous symbols of the city of Rijeka is the Morčić. It is unusual jewelry known in this area with the image of an black person in a white turban. The legend of the Morčić dates back to the 16th century when the Turks attacked and robbed the city. He is a symbol of victory over the Turkish troops and is traditionally given to woman and children as a sign of protection.

The legend of the Rijeka dragon

One of the most attractive sights in Rijeka is the Trsat Castle, which was the capital of the former Rijeka’s noblemen. This location is interesting because of it’s countless legends. The most famous legend is that about the Rijeka dragon, whose statue is located in the center of these ruins.

The story of the Rijeka dragon is a story that is traditionally inherited form generation to generation, and there is no man, woman or child that doesn’t know the story.

The legend has it that one morning the dragon went for a walk, and near the “Mrtvi” canal he noticed a little girl sitting. It was the mayor’s daughter which was quietly siting and drawing the boats that were in the port. The dragon was observing the girl for a long time, but was afraid to approach her because he knew that in the canal was an evil octopus lurking which was his sworn enemy.

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The girl eventually left home with her dad who came for her. She then decided to return the next morning to complete the drawing she started, but in that moment she was attacked by the evil octopus. The dragon saw it all and instantly jumped to help the little girl.

The battle between the dragon and octopus lasted a long time, all the frightened residents of the city watched the battle in fear of what will happen. The dragon managed at one point to disable the octopus and then he pulled her out of the canal on to the surface where he threw her all the way to the city Grobnik, which residents took the octopus and brought it to the fish market.

The second day the little girl went with her dad to thank the dragon, and that was the beginning of their great friendship.

However, the world Association of dragons did not approve the friendship between humans and dragons, and they required of the brave dragon to move to the castles Bosiljevo near Zagreb.

They all were very sad when the brave dragon had to leave and in his honor the mayor made a statue as a thank you for saving his little girl. The statue is still standing in the very place where the dragon originally resided, and was constructed by the Viennese artist Ferkon.

The city of Rijeka is today a very famous art and music city. Some of the first Croatian rock and punk bands where created in this city. It is a tradition that is still actively developed, especially among the younger population. Its well known also as a cultural center that now offers many attractive sites to visit.

Among the most famous locations is the Museum of Rijeka which has the original life jacket form the ship Titanic. Then there is the Natural History Museum which houses many interesting collections that are definitely worth seeing.

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If you ever visit the city of Rijeka, you can visit all of these attractions and rise yourself culturally. In this city you will always feel welcome because of the friendly and kind population. This region is also widely known for a high degree of tolerance, hospitality and perfectly comfy accommodation.

Do you plan to visit Rijeka?

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