10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Warsaw

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Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of one glorious country, Poland! Now your knowledge on Poland or Warsaw could be sparse, but let us help you a bit then. It’s just over 260 kilometers away from the beautiful (but cold) Baltic sea and 300 kilometers from Carpathian Mountains. It’s one of the largest Slavic cities (after Russian Moscow for example) so it counts the humongous population of 2.666 million residents. Now if you were asleep during an air-flight and would accidentally wake up above Warsaw, you would think it is probably New York, you ask why? Because along some larger European cities, Warsaw has one of the largest number of skyscrapers in Europe.


Warsaw started as two small but fortified Slavic settlements, Bródno and Jazdów and naturally medieval times were pretty turbulent so Jazdów was under siege and people from two settlements started a new site, a fishing village Warszowa. Slowly the village grew, became seat of some Masovian Dukes and Princes. Royal seat like a magnet drew economy to the settlement that quickly grew into a pretty medieval town rich in culture, trade and population. Later Germans really liked Warsaw so they annexed it by the Kingdom of Prussia, then later Russia got interested in it and Polish-Russian war of 1831 started. In world war 2 Germans returned and destroyed the whole old town. Luckily Warsaw was completely rebuilt along with it’s old town and this beautiful city was inscribed onto UNESCO’s World Heritage list!

Meet Warsaw, the city that you will visit:

What you will see now is just a short fact list about why you should travel to Warsaw as your next trip, we believe this will come handy:

1. You will love exploring the street art in Warsaw!

Street art, murals of new age! This city is full of them!

2. Sculptures in Warsaw are never boring!

Polish artist Julita Wojcik created “The rainbow” in Savior Square however it burned down but reconstruction is in process.

3. Warsaw is an city of art, so you better get into it’s art scene!

See the Museum of Modern art.
ul. Panska 3, 00-124 Warsaw, Poland

4. Restaurants are everywhere, you will love them! 

How about any cuisine at at Charlotte: Aleja Wyzwolenia 18 | wejscie od Placu Zbawiciela, Warsaw 00-570 , Poland

5. Casual night out and drink a beer in a local Polish bar!

Visit Plan B, Warsaw’s flagship dive bar. It’s the venue that locals say revitalized Warsaw’s nightlife: Aleja Wyzwolenia 18, 00-999 Warsaw, Poland

6. Or grab a beer on a boat bar!

Travel to BarKa, warm Polish summer will make you enjoy it more: Skwer im. Tadeusza Kahla, 00379 Warsaw, Poland

7. You shouldn’t worry about money, zloty to dollar exchange is good!

3 zloty are one dollar so you can afford to live there

8. Don’t go only to mainstream attractions, get lost and wonder around!

Jerozolima Klub. (Al. Jerozolimskie 57 00-697 Warszawa). Part night club, part studio space, part design office, the building has become a major artistic hub.

9. You don’t need to leave Warsaw to get into some green areas!

Enjoying the magical nature at Lazienki Park.

10. Or how about some old spooky exploration?

Or just exploring various abandoned locations that Poland is also filled with!

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