The best non-musical festivals in Kyiv, Spring 2019

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Festival of Giant Chinese Lanterns

March 15-31, Kiev, Singing Field

120 – 200 UAH.

On the Singing Field you will see large-scale light installations, each of which symbolizes an ancient folk tale or legend of China. Gardens of pandas and flamingos, a carriage of Cinderella, a deer forest and much more, and the central exhibit will be a 40-meter dragon.

And this festival does not end there! Here you can see the Festival of Fire and Light, animatronics, craftsmen and thematic musical super-show. Also on weekends and holidays, visitors will have the opportunity to see the traditional cultural holiday program of the land of the rising sun.

March 30 – 31


130 UAH

“Art-Plant Platform” Kiev, st. Belomorskaya, 1

This festival no longer requires presentation. Everyone says, if you want to know where the best places in the city, do not ask the guides, ask the locals. This street food festival is undoubtedly the best in Ukraine, it has won the hearts of Kiev residents and all Ukrainians. and already every year has been collecting hundreds of participants from every corner of the country to satisfy the gastronomic whims of the pickiest eaters.

April 20 – 21


60-250 UAH

Park Kievan Rus Kopachev, Kiev region

Are you hard to surprise? Then we invite you on April 20 and 21 to “Park Kievan Rus” to the festival of equestrian stunt art “Centaurs”

For two days, brave riders and horsewomen, adults and very young ones will compete in the art of horse racing and in virtuoso riding in teams.

“Centaurs” is a festival that unites world-class best mounted horse stuntmen. Festival participants will show their dexterity and talents, share their professional experience and will compete for the title of the best.

Our guests consider the Cossack performances to be the most favorite part of this festival, as this is the best opportunity to feel the historical spirit without leaving the capital.

April 20 – 21


120 UAH

“Art-Plant Platform” Kiev, st. Belomorskaya, 1

Spring for all residents and guests of Kiev traditionally begins with open air festivals. From April 20 to 21 you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the strong atmosphere of one of the most popular gastronomic cultures! Thousands of coffee lovers will gather at the Art-Plant Platform to meet with many industry professionals and follow all possible ways to drink, from the plantation to the cup in their hands. You will enjoy this event whether you`ve had one latte in your life (if such people even exists) or can`t start a day without a 4-esspresso shot(the best part – no one will judge you for that)

May 16 – 19


100-500 UAH

Kopachev, Kiev region

From May 16 to 19, come to the “Kievan Rus Park” to the grand event of a world scale – the Festival of Medieval Combat. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, an unprecedented event will take place within the framework of the Festival – the World Championship in Medieval Combat IMCF-2019.

Athletes will dress in heavy knightly armor and show their prowess in full contact battles with real medieval weapons, made on historical patterns. For four days, you can see single and group battles, and even women’s fights. This is not staged fights, everything is for real here!

More than 1000 fighters from 40 countries of the world will come together on a big lists in uncompromising and spectacular battles to fight for the world title. This is the largest sports event in 2019 in Ukraine. Tourists come from all over the world to cheer for their national team.

In between fights, guests will enjoy an entertainment program, equestrian performances, flash mobs, games, master classes in medieval dance with visitors. In the evening, they will be presented with real surprise and delight with bright shots from trebuchet by burning cores, on Saturday – also an enchanting fire show.

May 18 – 19


120-170 UAH

When it remains half a year before the next Oktoberfest, but there is no strength to endure – come to Kiev. Brewers from all over the country, craft and large enterprises will exhibit their bestsellers and new-ins. Participants from all over the world will bring their best beer especially for you.

They hold a tasting glass by the foot and talk for a long time about the aroma, look for the mildest lavender Milk Stout. Or they enjoy a pint with fresh-smoked ribs and don`t care about the rest.

A new Ukrainian beer culture is created here and you can not only be a witness, but also a participant, and in some cases a judge, because you may have a chance to become a member of the jury of the beer competition and decide which of the hop drinks will receive a grand mass production.

May 17, Fri 12:00


160-320 UAH

Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH) Kiev, Academician Glushkov Avenue, 1

Tattoo Collection is the country’s largest professional tattoo festival, which has been held in the capital for 15 years and annually gathers thousands of fans, not only from Ukraine, but also from foreign countries.

Each visitor at the Tattoo Collection gives their reasons: some come to get acquainted with the masters and make new tattoos, others see thousands of unique tattoos and showcase their own.

One of the main world freaks who come specially to the festival every year becomes a special guest of the Tattoo Collection. In the spring of 2018 in Kiev, the most pierced man of the planet Iron Rolf was welcomed, and a year earlier – the man-chess Matt Gon. With some star freaks, guests of Tattoo Collection will be able to take a selfie this year, while not reported, but it will definitely be someone very cool and expressive.

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