The “Obi-Wan Kenobi” street in Grabowiec, Poland

It seems Star Wars craze is getting out of control in Eastern Europe, after Ukrainian Darth Vader statues, Darth Vader elections, Darth Vader Polish statue another Star Wars thing happens. This time it is Obi Wan Kenobi, in Poland and a work of Leszek Budkiewicz, a Star Wars fan and a Community Council member. Leszek’s suggestion was accepted by the Lubicz Community Council in the resolution XXVIII/373/04 of 30 December 2004, and came to pass 14 days later. Ever since 2004. this Polish town has become a cosplay attraction to the point of even hosting large cosplay and fan conventions by fans gathering from all over Europe. To make it even better as the place grew in popularity even Lucasfilm congratulated the local fan group on their success of naming the street in such way. The street was even visited by the Star Wars actors Gerald Home and Paul Blake in 2008, Kenneth Colley and Richard LeParmentier in 2009, David Prowse in 2010, and Jeremy Bulloch in 2011.


Who would say small things like naming a street in such a way could create a whole movement


Most people have a blast of a time as it seems


If you want to visit it, it’s here:


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