This Russian Fixed His Car Bump on a Most Genius Way Ever, by Painting

When life gives you bumps, make beautiful mountains


Altai, Russia – Well all go through that, we have a nice car that we love and then it happens… the dreaded accident! Your shiny metallic pet got it’s ugly bump and you are desperate. It’s exactly what happened to this Russian driver that was traveling through Altai region of Russia and a large truck bumped into his doors.

However what happened next is what happens when you are a creative person. No need to say these images spread fast across the social media. [h/t: fishki]

The ugly car accident

Before we continue you have to understand there is no mandatory car insurance in Russia, so all damages (if they don’t have insurance) are fixed by drivers themselves. In this story, the driver that hit him has paid him cash for the new door there on the place of accident, but our driver didn’t have time to make an appointment with a mechanic.

So what do you do if you can’t fix your car doors right away and you are creative? We mean, this is a very large car bump and it’s hard to hide or repair something like that on your own right?

Well, this Russian driver decided to go just a little further, so he could get an awesome view of Altai mountains. We admit, perfect view but what does that have to do with a car bump you ask? wait!

Looking at those beautiful mountains he was so inspired he decided to turn the car bumps into a beautiful landscape painting over his car doors. After all, he had nothing to lose, doors will be replaced eventually anyway.

He only used a permanent black marker that he bought in the local general store and went creative. Also he used some dents for making shades, while car bump scratches just blended in perfectly with the painting.

That’s all. He’s traveling the Altai Mountains now with a most awesome car ever!

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