Top 5 Most Creative Slavic Advertising Campaigns

The ones that caught our eye the most

Some of them make us think, some of them make us reevaluate and question ourselves, some of them make us laugh, and some of them are just additional noise in the over saturated landscape of life in the 21st century. Yet, advertising campaigns are everywhere, and when well done, they can be profoundly effective, powerful and memorable. Made by creative agencies worldwide, some campaigns have stood out from the rest, receiving genuine attention of both public and professionals.

Art Directors Club Awards, Ukraine

Created for Art Directors Club Ukraine Awards, this ironic advertising campaign was directed at hopeful designers and participants of the festival. In the past years that the festival was held, organisers and jury got an enormous number of submissions, many of which were low quality. In an effort to make participants think twice before submitting their work, members of the jury were photographed for promo posters in women’s attire, with the additional writing saying, ‘Sorry we are not your mother, so think twice before submitting to ADC UA Awards.’ Harsh some might say, but quite comical and straight to the point. The campaign was noticed for its ironic approach to the issue many art festivals face, and of course unexpected and striking imagery it has produced.

Americki Institut, Croatia

Already viral, infamous billboard made for the English teaching school ‘Americki Institut’ almost cost the school a lawsuit by the First Lady of the United States. Appearing in Zagreb, billboards have quickly gained worldwide traction on the Internet due to allegedly accidental joke making fun of Melania’s less than perfect English. However, the Institute removed Melania’s photo from the billboards after she threatened legal action and also stated the billboard was posted as a way to encourage young people to learn English on their pathway to success, just like Melania who hails from bordering country of Slovenia did. ‘We are witnessing the great wave of emigration of Croatians who are looking for their fortunes in Anglo-Saxon countries, such as Ireland, Canada, Australia. If you are well-versed in English, in these markets you can go very far. We wanted to remind people how much knowledge is essential for international success,’ Brett Campbell, the founder of the Institute responded when asked about the Melania billboard debacle.

RT, Russia

Russia Today has been a vocal narrator of the Russian policies and politics in the media, which is reasonable since it was founded in 2005 as a counterbalance to the Western reports and media manipulation. Provoking and intriguing Londoners with ironic messages and questions, a series of RT billboards have attracted attention on the London Underground. Playing up the reports Western media push regarding Russia, RT mocked the dramatic claims of Russia hacking elections, rigging votes and being accused of just about anything that goes wrong in the international political arena. Below the eye catching text there is also a call to action, which interestingly enough says, ‘Question more.’ Unconventional and unexpected, this campaign has been noted for its straightforward irony.

Theraflu, Poland

In the midst of winter which is almost always a flu peak season, Theraflu has cleverly came up with a way to create interactive, eye catching and practical ad campaign. Created by Saatchi&Saatchi Poland, Theraflu’s most notable campaign yet was actually a first ever outdoor ad that could measure body temperature. Featuring a live thermo scanning camera, this ad worked its magic once you would approach it at an adequate distance. Not only could you measure your body temperature this way, but you could also save it and share it with whomever you wanted. Theraflu said it was an idea they instantly liked, as it was not only marketable and interesting, but actually useful for the health of people, which is one of their core values. ‘This idea really fits in with our commitment to transform our properties into Fast Moving Consumer Health Brands. This outdoor is a wonderful mash-up of technology, health, real-life application and consumer engagement. It fires up a new set of innovative ideas we can bring to life in healthcare and wellness,’ brands Global Chief Executive Officer Jason Romeyko said.

Rooster, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Certainly the most eye catching outdoor ad campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been for the mysterious product Rooster. Kickstarted in 2017 with a series of simple, black and white billboards featuring nothing but an illustration of a rooster, campaign made people wonder what is it about. Soon afterwards, additional black and white billboards appeared, only this time with nothing but cryptic messages such as, ‘I drink when I drive.’ After a few months of heating the public up, company Vitinka who is behind the product revealed a new energy drink they were about to launch on the market. An incredibly witty strategy, this ad campaign made everyone think, guess and talk about the product before it was even available for purchase. Considering the impact it made, the investment was more than worth it, with Rooster rightfully owning its spot on this list.

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