10 Beautiful Slavic Easter Egg Decorations To Inspire You

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Easter is one of those holidays that people look forward to. It’s the time of the year when people enjoy various traditional dishes so much they decor their food with amazing details. One of the food that Slavs decor even from pagan times are eggs. By now Slavs have mastered the Egg decoration tradition and it has become almost an obligation for each family to make various beautiful egg designs. On Easter families would gather for dinner and they would exchange their eggs with each-other. We are certain you shouldn’t use those cheap stickers to decor your eggs, rather you should take your paint, brush, pot, natural herbs and get to work! We bet you are thinking how should you design your eggs and this is why we have made this list to inspire you this Easter:

1# Ukrainian Easter Eggs Decoration

2# Sorbian Easter Eggs Decoration

3# Czech Easter Eggs Decoration

4# Croatian Eaaster Egg Decoration

5# Polish Easter Egg Decoration

6# Onion Slavic Easter Egg Decoration

7# Belorussian Easter Egg Decoration

8# Russian Easter Eggs Decoration

9# Russian Easter Egg Decoration

10# Polish Easter Eggs Decoration

If you can’t decorate eggs yourself then you can get them here:

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