10 Traditional Russian Remedies That Actually Work

Despite modernization, Russia remains one of the powerhouses of traditional medicine, with people still using remedies their ancestors created thousands of years ago

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Many agree conventional medicine has proven itself to be semi-effective at best in solving modern-day health issues. Whether facing common problems such as allergies or life threatening illnesses such as cancer, more and more people are turning to traditional, folk medicine for solutions. Despite modernization, Russia remains one of the powerhouses of traditional medicine, with people still using remedies their ancestors created thousands of years ago. Here we’ve listed 10 most useful, easily prepared remedies made of natural ingredients you probably already have at home.

Immunity boosting remedy

Ideal for spring and fall, this remedy helps strengthen organism’s natural defense. Ingredients include 4 glasses of kefir (fermented milk), 1 tablespoon of honey and 150 grams of cooked and minced pumpkin.

First preparation step is mixing all of the ingredients together. After they’re merged, add 1 tablespoon of natural honey. This remedy should be kept in a cold place, and recommended intake is 1 glass per day.

Hair loss remedy

Common in both men and women, hair loss can be a difficult issue to deal with for many. Luckily, traditional medicine has come up with an incredibly simple remedy that consists of only one ingredient. This treatment will regenerate and revitalize your hair, without doing any damage to the rest of your organism. Ingredients are 3-4 carrots.

After you’ve washed and grated carrots, rub them into the roots of your hair. Leave this mixture on for 15-25 minutes and rinse with water. This treatment should be applied every time before you wash your hair. It’s also recommended to people who don’t suffer from hair loss, as carrots have many hair strengthening properties.

Poor circulation remedy

As a big part of their country has a polar or almost polar climate, it’s no wonder Russians came up with some of the most effective remedies for poor circulation. One of them is the sunflower tea, which doesn’t only help with blood flow; it’s got many positive effects on bone density, liver health and hair structure as sunflower seeds are packed with vitamins E and B1. Needed ingredients for this simple remedy are some sunflower seeds and water.

Place sunflower seeds into half liter of boiled water and let it sit for 2 hours. Drink one cup of this tea every morning on an empty stomach.

Sore throat remedy

Perfect for those who suffer from chronic sore throat or tonsillitis, this remedy is made of 2 simple ingredients in less than half an hour. Ingredients you’ll need are 1 beet and 9 percent vinegar.

Chop 250 grams of beet into small pieces and add 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Stir and let it sit for 20 minutes. Use the cheesecloth to remove pieces of beet from the mixture. Drink the remaining liquid in small amounts every 3 hours.

Stress relief remedy

Curing stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue, this remedy has also been scientifically proven to work also as prevention for various forms of cancer. For preparation you’ll need only one dried leaf of laurel. Find a bowl in which you can set the leaf on fire and let it burn out for 10-15 minutes. During this process the room will fill out with healing ingredients, which will be inhaled. You should feel released of tension and at ease almost instantly.

Age defying remedy

Known as ‘’youth elixir’’ in Russia, this herbal mix tea will rejuvenate your skin and hair, as well as refresh entire organism from inside out. To prepare this remedy you’ll need coriander, chamomile, birch flowers and marigold, 10 grams each.

Incredibly simple preparation of this remedy consists of mixing all herbs together and adding 500 ml of boiling water to them. After 20-30 minutes, it will be ready for serving. For optimal results, drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening, optionally with a teaspoon of honey.

Liver cleansing remedy

Frequently used in Russian monasteries, this therapy lasts for 21-30 days during which one should consume only fasting foods. Yet, it remains one of the most inexpensive and efficient liver-related remedies. For preparation you’ll need 10 dried apricots, 1 liter of water and a large bowl.

Put dried apricots in the bowl and add 1 liter of boiled water. Let it sit over night, and start using the remedy first thing in the morning. Drink half of glass on an empty stomach, and use the rest during the day.

Colon cleanse remedy

This herbal mix is a staple in Russian traditional medicine, and is recommended as it doesn’t contain any chemicals unlike conventional laxatives. Ingredients for this remedy include 10 grams of greater celandine and chamomile, St John’s wort and yarrow, 20 grams each.

Preparation of this remedy is very simple: mix all the herbal ingredients , add boiled water and let it sit for 30-50 minutes. Drink two glasses a day for two to three weeks.

Kidney stone remedy

Recommended both to those who suffer from kidney stone disease, as well as people with healthy kidneys, this remedy revitalizes and purifies kidneys in only 15 days. Ingredients are minimal, available and affordable; all you’ll need is 200 grams of millet and 2 liters of water.

Put millet in a big, spacious bowl and cover with 2 liters of boiling water. Cover the bowl and let it sit over the night. In the morning, separate the white liquid in the bowl and millet. Place white liquid in a separate container and drink as remedy during the day as much as you like. After 15 days of use, kidneys are regenerated, inflammation gone and kidney stones eliminated.

Blood cleansing remedy

Proven to reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen the artery walls and even prevent cancer, this antioxidant-packed remedy also helps rejuvenate and cleanse blood. Ingredients include garlic, lemon and boiled water.

Separate the cloves of 4 garlic heads and remove the excess skin. Cut 4 lemons into slices (without removing the skin) and put them into boiling water. After 10 minutes, remove the lemons from water and grind them together with garlic cloves. Put the mixture into a clean bowl and add 3 liters of boiled water. Seal the bowl and keep in a refrigerator for 3 days. After 3 days it will be ready for usage, yet it still needs to be kept in a refrigerator until you’ve used all of it.

Take 1-2 tablespoons before each of 3 main meals, on an empty stomach. Gradually increase the dosage, but don’t use more than 50 milliliters per meal. This treatment should last for 40 days, and should not be used more than once a year. After it, you should experience normalization of blood pressure and overall increased vitality.

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