10 Ukrainian Inventors Who Changed The World

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Every nation has personas that it proudly calls “ours” , Ukraine is not an exception, and though it gifted this world with a big number of bright minds, here is a list of Ukrainians, who invented things, you can`t imagine this world without.

Nikolai  Pirogov

Nowadays, the merits of a scientist are measured in Nobel Prizes.  Pirogov passed away before its foundation. Otherwise, he would undoubtedly become a record holder in the number of these awards. The famous surgeon was a pioneer in the field of anesthesia during operations. He owns the idea to impose a plaster on fractures, before that doctors used a wooden splint. In the military history of Pirogov entered as the founder of military field surgery. And as a teacher, Nikolai  is known for achieving the abolition of corporal punishment in Russian schools (this happened in 1864). But that’s not all! The most original invention of Pirogov is the institute of nurses. It was thanks to him that the sick and wounded received the most healing medicine – female attention and care, and beautiful ladies found the launching pad for the triumphal procession of emancipation around the world.

Joseph Timchenko

Who are the movie’s parents? Brothers Lumiere? Yes and no. After 2 years before their opening, the Ukrainian mechanic Joseph Timchenko with the physicist Mykola Lyubimov developed the “snail” jumping mechanism. Namely, his principle of action was the basis for the creation of a kinescope! Therefore, Timchenko is the true father of cinema.

In 1893, in Ukraine (namely, in Odessa), they showed two films shot with the help of the first kinescope. Timchenko ahead of Lumiere! What then is the case? His device was not patented. By the way, Timchenko’s cinema is still stored in the reserves of the Polytechnic Museum (in Moscow).

However, this is not all the achievements of the scientist. He is the author of automatic, meteorological, physical and astronomical instruments. For them, he has repeatedly received the highest awards at world exhibitions. Participated in the creation of the first model of the Freudenberg automatic telephone exchange.

Igor Sikorsky

The project of a flying miracle machine, now known as a helicopter, was developed by Ukrainian Igor Sikorsky. The Kiev aircraft designer, who emigrated to the United States, patented his invention in 1931. And in 39 helicopters began testing. For a year Sikorsky raised the car to a free flight. The first order was for the US Army. And then Sikorsky became the owner of a powerful concern. In general, the Sikorsky firm (“Sikorsky Aircraft”) has created 17 base aircraft and 18 helicopters.

He is also the author of the giant aircraft “Ilya Muromets” (1913, Russia), Sikorsky S-29-A (USA). Designer of the first amphibian aircraft in the US.

Sergey Korolev

Ukraine is a cosmic  country. And everything began, probably, with Sergei Korolev, who is considered to be the founder of cosmonautics! It was under his leadership that the first intercontinental ballistic missile, the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the first human flight into space and the human outlet into outer space, was launched. It all began with the fact that he and Friedrich Zander created a public organization to study the jet traffic. Later she turned into a research and development laboratory for the development of missile aircraft.

Peter Bobonich

The lives of people suffering from diabetes are difficult and nobody will argue with it. But a scientist from Transcarpathian region, Petro Bobonich, has found a way to significantly alleviate their lives! He invented a glucose meter (a device for measuring blood sugar levels) in the form of a wristwatch. With this device, diabetics can know the level of sugar in the blood at any time. You do not need to take blood for this. Also, its glucometer can be used to insert insulin with an insulin pump, which is programmed through a glucose meter. Bobonich developed and patented prescriptions for mobile devices to measure blood glucose concentrations in diabetic patients.

He is also an author of an optical tomograph for the diagnosis of breast cancer in women. This device could provide an opportunity to diagnose the disease without the use of X-rays, which is harmful to humans.

Yevgeny and Boris Paton

Father and son, the inventions which the whole world uses! Eugene Paton is an inventor of various welding methods. His methods are still used. The son went in the footsteps of his father and also studied electric welding. But he got to the next! His idea is to weld live fabrics! Under the direction of Boris Paton, scientists carried out experiments that proved the possibility of weld-bonding of various soft tissues of animals by the method of bipolar coagulation. Later, experiments were started on wounding tissues of human organs removed. This is an incredibly important discovery for medicine!

Nikolay Amosov

Another genius of medicine is the man-legend Nikolay Amosov. This prominent surgeon first made a mitral valve prosthesis of the heart. He was also the first in the world to introduce prosthetics of heart valves that have anti-thrombotic properties.

Anatoliy Malikhin

No Blood – blood test? No, it’s not a fantasy. This is an invention of the Ukrainian scientist Anatoly Malikhin. It was he who invented how to find out the condition of the blood without damaging the patient’s skin. People attach 5 sensors (2 on the neck near the carotid artery, 2 under the armpits and the last on the abdomen). So here they can identify 131 patient health indicators! The development of the Ukrainians lasted 25 years. Data accuracy is up to 98%, which is not inferior to the traditional way. However, the benefits of “Biohumus” overshadowed the price. To lay out for a miracle-device will have 20 thousand dollars.

And while Ukrainians are tortured with regular blood tests in queues and on a hungry stomach, the invention of Ukrainian is actively used in China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Egypt and Mexico.

Vyacheslav Petrov

Today the CD is a rarity. But it was time that all these information was kept on these brilliant circles. Movies, music, photos. However, did you know that the first version of the CD was developed by the Ukrainian cybernetic artist Vyacheslav Petrov? But it happened in the 1960s! True, then the disk was created for a super computer. And his development was of a purely scientific nature.

Marina Vyazovskaya

And recently the young Ukrainian scientist Marina Vyazovska has shocked the world. She solved one of the most complex mathematical problems of the present, over which scientists have already fought

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