4,500 year old Artifacts Found In Migrant Camp In Slovenia

JamesDeMers (CC0), Pixabay

Camps in Balkans are filled with left overs and rejected belongings of Immigrants these days. Among those items that arrived from Croatia to Slovenia camp on the border crossing of Gruškovje / Macelj police found at least three statues of historical and artistic value that as experts think, date back to ancient Summerians. This news was broadcastd this Wednesday on Slovenian TV.

According to local Slovenian experts, these Sumerian statues are older than 4,500 years, which makes it one of the most valuable historical segments of human civilization and the first actual civilization, the ancient Sumer. Slovenian police suspects that this was an illegal trafficking of these statues and other cultural heritage objects, so Slovenian authorities have started an investigation.

“Statues are transferred to the museum, which is responsible for the study and evaluation of archaeological objects. Curator is given a rating according to their characteristics and they could come from Syria or Iraq, and date back to the time before Christ,” – reported by Slovenian Maribor police administration.

So far Slovenian police hasn’t released the photos of these statues because of their administrative procedure in order to find possible trafficking of more such items. Data about these statues has been given to Interpol for further international investigation. T

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