5 famous Slavic rock bands you should give a try and listen

Sometimes you may think that rock is new Slavic folk!

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Slavs love rock music. The number of the rock band on the square kilometer is impressive. Therefore it is hard to know all of them, but each country offers a palette of star rocketing bands you must know. Otherwise, you would lose a pleasure of listening to their original music. Although during the last years the most famous musicians from Slavic countries are for example 2Cellos from Croatia or Polish vocalist Margaret, rock music has a strong position on the stages of Slavic countries. Here is a short list of a few bands you have to know if you love the rock music:

1. Coma

A band from Poland founded in 1998 in Łódź. Although their lyrics are quite philosophical, the genesis of their name is very simple.The name Coma was chosen at random. The band had an opportunity to be interviewed by Radio Łódź, but they didn’t have a name of their group. Therefore they have tossed a coin to decide on it.The leader of Coma is charismatic and characteristic Piotr Rogulski. His unique talent was noticed by famous band Within Temptation. Rogulski recorded with them a single.

2. Marakesh

If you are looking for a modern band inspired by the 90s alternative rock, Marakesh is a perfect choice for you. Their history started in 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine. The first album Androgyny became a huge success especially due to the characteristic vocal by Mark Gritsenko. They career star rocked when a song Jdat appeared in the Grand Theft Auto IVvideo-game soundtrack. In 2009 they were nominated for Ukrainian MTV EMA award. They frequently play in Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and the other Baltic counties.Currently, they live and work in Berlin.

3. The Bambi Molesters

The group exists since 1995 and they take part n revival of the 1960s surf genre. They come from Sisak in Croatia. They are famous as the favorite opening band for the US rock superstars R.E.M. American musicians appreciate the unique talents and sublime artistic music by The Bambi Molesters. Due to this fact they perform regularly in Croatia and all over Europe. The consequent continuation of continuing the surf genre build their reputation as a contemporary surf rock band. Their most famous song is „Chaotica”, it was featured on the soundtrack of Season 5 of the TV series Breaking Bad.

4. The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

A famous Czech alternative rock band formed by Jan Muchow, Jan Gregar, Petr Wegner and Irna Liebowitz. Their history started in 1990 and the group claimed to find the inspiration in bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees and CocteauTwins. They released their first album in 1992. The Susurrate was a psychedelic rock with a punk influence. Though the time they recorded albums inspired by different music genre. In 1999theyrecorded an album influenced by post-rock ambiance and pop.Due to the rich palette of sounds, they included in their songs it is difficult to put The Escatsy ofSaint Theresa to the box and that’s what makes them fascinating.

5. Eva Braun

Serbian pop rock band that ruled the Serbian pop-rock scene in the 1990s. Eva Braun was created in Bečej, Serbia. Their career started in the FR Yugoslavia and continued during the most difficult events in the history of Balkans at the end of the 20th century. Their inspiring history motivated the director Robert Bukarica to record a documentary film about the band entitled The Story of Eva Braun. It was released in 2016. They are well known due to their philanthropy. In 2017 the concert in Belgrade Youth Centre that featured numerous guess of Eva Braun allowed collecting money for the improvement of treatment and curing of Duchenne muscular dystrophy in Serbia.

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