Meanwhile in Balkans: Joint Croatian-Serbian band MAiKA releases new Balkan themed video


You seem confused, avoiding my eyes After all it’s not your fault to be born in a right place Awkward situation, meeting me was not a plan Asking how to help me, this is how you can: I want your life, your Volvo if i may I want all your chances, mine are pretty grey All your smiling photos and all your bad hair days All your nervous breakdowns when you’ve nothing new to wear Want your vacations, bananas by the pool immoral parties and bodies for me too School for my kids, give me money for the fee and make me sure they’ll have better life than me I just want to… can’t stop me now I just want to… can’t stop me now I just want to… can’t stop me now I just want to… Share of your life Life is a bitch, you don’t have a clue your papa’s rich, we all work for you I want your home, happy Christmas tree braces for my daughter, roses for old me Share baby, share baby, give me your love share of your life

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