5 Most Popular YouTubers In Eastern Europe

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Media stars for the new generation, YouTubers today are what TV personalities were just a few years ago. Familiar faces offering us informative, funny or amusing content, YouTubers are ordinary people with extraordinary fame and wealth that comes with it. Today, there thousands of YouTubers filming in every corner of the planet, and Slavic countries are not an exception.

Kate Clapp, Russia

The 25 year old vlogger has been extremely popular among teenagers and youth for years, with her funny videos being some of the most watched on Russian YouTube. Filming pranks, commentary on popular topics, make up and fashion tutorials, Kate is truly a versatile and all around YouTuber. Starting her channel in 2010, she counts more than 700 000 accounts as her followers, plus many more on Instagram and VKontakte.

Teenage and young girls tend to be her most loyal audience, as her risky fashions and bright pink colored hair attract attention and fit current trends perfectly. Also, her videos often revolve around Kate commenting on situations from the U.S celebrity scene, giving her opinions on teen idols such as Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber. These topics are also highly relevant among her young auditorium, so there’s no wonder why she’s the face of one of the most popular Russian YouTube channels.

Zorannah, Serbia

Often hailed as the most popular fashion blogger in the Balkans, Zorannah is an all around social media star, with her YouTube channel currently counting more than 200 000 followers. Born Zorana Jovanovic, the 28 year old blogger started her career as a social media superstar in 2011, mostly documenting her outfits and style picks on a blog called Zorannah’s Fashion Corner. As a fashion student at the time, Zorannah created a blog just for fun, but after it gained significant popularity in a short span of time, she started taking it more seriously.

Today, she is a household name in the Balkans and quite popular in the U.S as well. Except for her social media career, Zorannah is also a published author, with all three of her books being bestsellers in Serbia and neighboring countries. Mostly focused on fashion and beauty, Zorannah’s channel generally attracts women and girls who seek inspiration or advice.

KingOfFailsShow, Croatia

Started in 2013, KingOfFailsShow has amassed more than 700 000 followers during the past five years. It is hardly suprising, considering some of the globally most popular YouTube channels are gaming ones, just like KOFS. Marko, the founder and star of the channel is a devoted gamer, whose videos are generally Let’s play videos.

Skilled playing alongside often comical commentary that goes with it has proved to be a winning combination for the world’s most followed YouTuber PewDiePie, who also happens to be a gamer, so there was no reason why it shouldn’t work for KOFS. Mostly a channel of choice for younger male audience, games such as Fortnite and Minecraft are front and center at KOFS.

Ruslan Usachev, Russia

Notable for his political opinions and attitudes, Usachev has made a name for himself primarily filming about films, TV shows and various gadgets. However, his oppositional views have made him particularly popular, with his videos in which he criticizes media and various situations in society being some of the most watched. Usachev also comments on popular matters from the world of rich and famous, giving his views on situations such as the #MeToo movement and tragic overdose of rapper Lil Peep.

But Ruslan’s channel features more general videos as well, such as informative thought pieces on Bitcoin and various cities he’s visited around the world. With more than 1 million subscribers, Usachev is generally considered to be one of the first vloggers in Russia, originally commenting on Russian film premieres. However, as his audence grew, so did the topics he covered in his videos. In the past few years, Usachev has pursued a number of successful Internet projects, such as ‘Harmful Cinema: The Book of Masters’, ‘Twitota’, and ‘Usachev Today’.

Jirka Kral, Czech Republic

The only former YouTuber on this list, Jiri Kral, professionally known as Jirka Kral decided to end his career on this social media platform after reaching one million subscribers. A former contestant on a Czech reality TV show Farma, Kral set up his YouTube account right after his participation. Kral’s videos were mostly Let’s play, but also some sketches and clips from his everyday life. His fame quickly spread through numerous other social media platforms, and he became the biggest Internet sensation in Czech Republic.

Kral used his newfound influence to do charitable work, which he continued to do for the remainder of his career. Venturing into multiple non-digital businesses, Jirka today runs a number of coffee shops, recording studios and shops. In a documentary he published to his YouTube in September 2018, Kral discovers he will no longer be a Youtuber, as it isn’t as fulfilling to him as it used to be. However, he remains present on his other social media platforms.

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