Exploring Slovenia: Top 5 Things To Do At Lake Bled

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Over the years lake Bled has become somewhat of an unofficial symbol for Slovenia. Instantly recognized by many for its picturesque sceneries and the distinguishable church situated on Bled Island, the lake attracts countless tourists from Slavic and non-Slavic countries each year. Whether they hike around its beautiful forest paths, ride on one of the numerous boats, join hands in marriage in the medieval church or simply enjoy a delicious piece of kremšnita cake, locals and foreigners alike are bound to have an excellent time in the Bled countryside.

Buuuut… if you really want to get the most out of your trip and still manage to boast about how you’ve done something many tourists haven’t, here are the top 5 things you should do at lake Bled.

1. Visit the Winter Fairytale

During the winter lake Bled is just as magnificent as it is throughout the rest of the year. However, what November, December and January have in storage for visitors is a true winter fairytale. And that’s exactly what the locals have decided to name their winter bazaar. Go ice skating, take a picture in front of the gigantic Christmas tree (one of the tallest natural Christmas trees on the globe!), celebrate with the outdoor bands and enjoy a hearty meal with some authentic Gorenjska food treats sold in the bazaar stands.

2. Spend a night at the Garden Village eco resort

Here comes the modern, eco-friendly version of the tree house you never even imagined you could have. The Garden Village is a settlement of dozens of lovely treehouses spread across the Bled countryside. Adjoined bridges, honeymoon suites, wi-fi, hammocks, fairytale lights… the list goes on and on. Each tree house comes with its own kitchenette, bathroom and balcony, which offers views that will render you utterly breathless. Booking a treehouse is ideal for families with children, newlyweds or just a bunch of friends willing to spend a night at an eco-friendly resort nestled among one of the most beautiful examples of the Julian Alp land-and-waterscapes.

The Garden Village’s official website

3. Take a ride on the Fijaker coach carriage

And here’s something not many folks have done on their trip to lake Bled. Fijakers are horse-drawn 4-wheel open carriages available for tourists willing to visit the lake, the countryside or even the castle. One of the many fascinating things about taking a ride on the Fijakers is that you won’t get just any coach for the tour. Becoming a Fijaker driver is something that only a handful of people can do as the profession is passed down only to family members.

4. Paraglide over lake Bled

If you love adrenaline rushes, outdoor adventures and gorgeous sceneries, then going for a hike off the beaten paths in the Bled countryside might not be the best option – but paragliding over lake Bled is definitely a thrill-inducing activity.

The flight usually lasts for about half an hour, transportation to the starting point (and on the way back to your accommodation) is included, and you get to safely paraglide with a professional pilot. The views are way vaster and far more vivid than the ones from any mountain top in Slovenia. You can read more info about this activity on Outdoor Slovenia’s website.

5. Go tobogganing in the valley

Last, but not least is something all kids will enjoy… as well as some adults. Regardless of how old you are, you can let your inner child have some fun while tobogganing during the summer season just outside the town of Bled on a small hill named Straža. You can also visit the attraction in late spring or early fall, but the track is best enjoyed during the warm summer months.

It spans over 520 meters in length and offers exquisite views of lake Bled and its Alpine surroundings. Even small children can ride the toboggans as the cars don’t go over 40 km/h at max. Apart from the slow speed, car breaks and stop signs have been installed for extra safety measures. During the winter the toboggan track is transformed into a ski track, so if you want to ride the sleds, make sure you visit the hill when the weather is warm.

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