City of Chelyabinsk: Severest City With The Severest Men

When your town is so tough and severe and it makes you severe 120%…

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If there were a list of Russian cities ranked according to the degree of their severity, Chelyabinsk would definitely reign among the others. And it does, without any kind of rating. ‘Chelyabinsk men are so severe that they…’ introduces every episode of a line of the TV show “Nasha Rasha” [Our Russia] and it’s always followed by a ridiculous fact emphasizing how severe Chelyabinsk men are. So, how did an ordinary Russian city become the cradle of severity?

The first thing that contributed greatly to the mysterious phenomenon is the geographical position of the city: Chelyabinsk is situated on both banks of the Miass River which is, in its turn, considered to be the geological border between Ural and Siberia.

Chelyabinsk kids have no fear in front of frost, and it’s natural for them to rush out the moment they have a ten-minute pause at school.

Well, who in Russia is so easy-to-scare by three or four dozens of degrees below zero?

Historically, the city of Chelyabinsk was fully taken by diverse kinds of industry, and soon become the Ural industrial heart. Metallurgy, aviation, mechanical engineering, light industry, instrumentation – “everyone flashed before us, everyone was here”, as Mikhail Lermontov wrote in his poem “Borodino” (1837).

One of the largest plant situated within the territory of the city is the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, built there in 1933.

The plant produces tractors, bulldozers, mechanical loaders, and so on, but right before the World War II, or Great Patriotic War for the Russians and ex-Soviets, it started to work on tank production, and during the war welcomed seven evacuated plants from all over the Soviet Union.

The city’s main duty was to provide the Red Army with tanks and self-propelled guns. The citizens of Chelyabinsk gave their homeland the name of ‘Tankograd’, that is ‘city of tanks’.

Even nowadays Chelyabinsk remains of the major industrial centres of the Russian Federation, occupying also the seventh position according to the number of citizens and the fourteenth position in terms of the territory taken by the city.

All the factors mentioned above condition the mentality of the Chelyabinsk citizens, endowing them with the great spiritual art of endurance, fortitude, willpower, which makes them so much Russian, and Chelyabinsk in particular: strong, beautiful people with cold blood and warm hearts.

Суровый Челябинск, медведи на улице

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Now let’s go back to ‘Chelyabinks men’ who ‘are so severe that…’ are capable of anything and everything. The infinite and crazy Russian ingenuity and imagination favour any kind of continuation with the only requirement: the severer, the better. Ladies and gentlemen, please, meet the most severe people in Russia and in the whole world.

‘Chelyabinsk men are so severe that, having promised to the girlfriend to bring a star from the sky [to do everything possible and impossible for her], they really do it’.

‘Severe Chelyabinsk sparrows’

‘Chelyabinsk hair-pins are so severe…’

‘Chelyabinsk romantics… Severe, but so sincere’

‘Chocolate-covered sleeper biscuits, Chelyabinsk’

‘Chelyabinsk flash drive’

‘Chelyabinsk merry-go-rounds are so severe that they turn only together with the globe.’

‘My second vehicle is a Su-24M’

‘Chelyabinsk, traffic light turned red’

‘Chelyabinks fishermen are so severe that…’

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