5 reasons why Slavs complain all the time, but they shouldn’t

Don’t read this article with a serious face, please

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Oh, sweet complaining! How many of us have never done it? If you don’t complain, you are an exception and we want to congratulate you such a positive attitude. Life of a non-complaining person is complicated in the Slavic countries. Many people believe that complaining is a part of our culture, some try to joke that good complainer is a true artist. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary to complain means „to express grief, pain, or discontent”. The dictionary of Cambridge explains that to complain means „to say that something is wrong or not satisfactory”. Perhaps the authors of these definitions didn’t know Slavs.

If you want to stop to complain, you have to read one of these articles that explain how to do it. They will tell you that you have to take a responsibility for your thoughts and keep positive. However, if you want to keep updated why Slavs complain, here is a short list of five reasons, but you have to know that there are much more:

1. Because we can!

Yes, we can! We have the freedom of speech! Ok, some nations might still complain that the freedom of expression is limited in their countries, but still – we can do it. And if Slavs can do something, they will do it. Moreover, if something is allowed but not considered as a good thing to do, Slavs will do it with a pleasure! However, if you want to tell us that we cannot complain, we will shock you how perfect we can do it. We will break all the rules because this is our nature!

2. Because our history is difficult!

Imagine a dinner in a companion of, for example, Polish, Serbian, Russian and Croatian. All of them try to convince the others which nation suffered the most. The number of arguments will be impressive, but the conversation won’t go anywhere. Each Slavic country has a sad history full of blood and death. Moreover, Slavs fought between each other, so it is difficult to find the common language between each other. At the same time, if you are not a Slav, don’t try to tell us that your country had a difficult history too because we will knock you down with a bunch of arguments. While complaining, we will explain to you that our history was the most complicated!

3. Because our economy isn’t as fabulous as in Germany!

Germany! Our favorite reason to complain about politics and economy. If we cannot complain about Germans, there are still Russians and Americans, but that’s a different story. However, the economic power of Germany seems to be a salt in the eye of so many people. Slavs are aware of their potential. We have enough ambition to reach our greatness, but well…

4. Because of football!

Every year we pray for the success of our teams. Every single year we give them our hearts and souls, all the faith we carry in our minds. Every year we hope that the miracle will happen. We observe the achievements of teams from Spain, Germany, Italy, France and we conclude that all of the cups they won wouldn’t be in their hands without Slavic players. Who can imagine the success of Bayern without Lewandowski, glory of Atletico without Oblak?

5. Because we are not as appreciated as we want!

Slavs often feel they deserve better. We are aware of our rich culture, history, wonderful nature and landscapes in our lands. Why aren’t we as appreciated as we should be? We are also smart and many of us are well educated. We are creative and fabulous, so we want to feel that the world understands it and seeks us to shine.

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