Montenegrins created a billboard that jokes at their own expense, made whole Balkan region laugh

From Melania billboard in Croatia to this hilarious Montenegrin billboard

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An older man in a traditional Montenegrin costume dressed in front of a discount can be enough advertising for some supermarkets, but not even a bit effective as when a little humor is added besides the picture. This time, the Montenegrins joked at their own expense, prompting buyers to rush to a supermarket action (discounts).

There is a regional joke, it was mostly popular during Yugoslav times, that Montenegrins are the lazies among all ex-Yugoslavs. So this time Montenegrins instead of getting insulted by the stereotyping joke, just simply accepted it, made everyone laugh and made an awesome PR in the whole region.

“Ad piece calls Montenegrins on action, but a discount action, not a working action”

Whatever it is, she could not go unnoticed. Guys from the T&T brand factory who designed this commercial say they are surprised by their excellent response and positive reactions. So who said stereotypes are bad? They are great for PR and this is a good example how you can turn your “flaws” into advantages over the competition.

Ex-Yugoslav Jokes on Montenegrins:

1# Montenegrin entering a cafe, sees a beautiful girl, approaches, and asks:

-What ya drink?

-Coca cola.

-Then where is it on your table???

2# Do you know how do they build motorways in Montenegro? NO?!

-They build one kilometer and then just end it with a sign “ETC.”!

3# Montenegrin couple making love. She, all messed up in excitement moans:

-Tell me something dirty!

-Your kitchen is dirty, your bathroom is dirty, and seems you haven’t had a bath for a week!

4# Do you know the name of that movie where Montenegrin works and studies???

-Science fiction!

5# A man is screaming out of the sea: -Help! –Help!

A group of Montenegrins standing on the beach:

-See, that man is drowning.

-Yeah, drowning for sure.

-And we’re standing here.

-Yeah, standing.

-Then why don’t we sit!

6# Montenegrin and Japanese floating in a boat, enjoying it, but in one moment the hit a ridge.

-Oh, crap, what shall we do?-cried out Japanese and jumped into the water.

-Oh, shit, look at him, he would always do something!

7# Montenegrin saw a man walking his snail.

-Oh, what a nice snail you have! I had one, but it run away from me!

8# Montenegrin yelling calling his wife:

-Skvoooo, skvoooo!

-What is it already?

-Draw me chess table on my back!

-Why is that?

-Just draw it!

And she did..

-There it is.

-Ok. Now scratch my B4!

9# Ten Montenegrins’ commandments:

  1. A man was born tired, and lives to rest.
  2. Kiss your bed like you kiss yourself.
  3. Rest at day that you can sleep at night.
  4. Do not work-working kills.
  5. If you see somebody resting-do help.
  6. Work less than you can, and the much you can, pass to somebody else.
  7. The salvation is in tree shades-nobody has ever died of resting.
  8. Working brings illness, do not die young.
  9. If you ever feel an urge to work: sit and wait, you will see it will pass.
  10. When see people eating and drinking-approach and help, when see them working-move away to give them space.

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