5 Reasons Why Slavs Should Be Permanently Happy!

Why aren’t you happy damnit?

Although it is more common to hear the complaining than the words of appreciation by Slavs, each person who was born in the Slavic country should be aware that it is such a blessing to be Slav! We are almost multi-cultural, with at least three religions that found followers in the Slavic countries, but we are able to live in beautiful symbiosis from Russia to Croatia and find dozens of reasons why we should be permanently happy! Slavic counties are not only gorgeous, but also full of wild freedom, talented, and amazing food. Here is the short list of some of them:

1. We are fabulous and appreciated around the world

Seriously, we are amazing. Although many of us seem to be unaware of it, Slavs are appreciated around the world. Slavs are famous athletes, models, actors, actresses, politicians and the other influential people. Numerous of American celebrities, scientists, and the other people have genes from the Slavic countries. Even Melania Trump, the first lady of USA is a Slav!

2. We have a fabulous quality of food!

Imagine that many nations don’t have such an easy access to so-called „organic” food. What Americans call „organic” is actually this what we can find in every store with vegetables. It is extremely expensive and people in many countries spend a lot of money to have it. In case of the Slavic countries, we still follow many aspects of traditional farming what allows us to enjoy the real food. Did you know that many nations have no idea how the real bread tastes and what is the real smell of the carrot?

3. We live in times of peace

After many horrible and heartbreaking wars that took a life of many people, for last years most of us live in the time of peace. Of course, we cannot forget about Ukraine or the conflict around Kosovo, After many horrible wars that destroyed the beautiful landscapes of the Slavic countries, we have reached the times when most of the Slavic countries don’t have to present their military power. We hope it will last forever!

4. We have more freedom than many other nations

That’s true! Although some of the Slavic countries face serious problems related to the politics, we are still luckier than many other parts of the world. Slavs still can use all the possible internet websites, we have no limitations in the case of the internet, most of the Slavic countries have a relatively high level of the freedom of speech. It is such a blessing not to worry about such a thing!

5. We are alive! Feelin’ it?

Every day is a blessing, every moment can bring good news or the solution to the most damaging problems. Therefore, keep your head up, take a deep breathe and be happy because you are a Slav and you are alive! What a time to be a Slav!

Remember, no matter if you are a patriot or not, you should always be proud of being a Slav. Although our countries are poorer than economic powers like Germany or Norway, we still have a lot to offer. You are not unfortunate if you are a Slav. You are extremely lucky and we wish you to enjoy and celebrate this fact!

What do you think?

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    Kapitán Denis

    Irina the Slav Hater would disagree with the reason no. 1.


    Olga Kysil

    This so true! While I have yet to actually experience a Slavic country in person, I know people who have visited. They report great experiences when visiting Western Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

    Western Ukraine may be poorer economically than where I live in USA, but they everything I have! They have cars, they have internet, they have smartphones. They have jobs and almost everyone has a garden. As this article pointed, they have access to fresh fruit, nuts, berries, mushrooms, vegetables on a daily basis. They live healthier than many Americans. Yesterday, when I went to an American grocery, my choice of mushrooms were packaged shitty looking Shiitake, Portabello, or mushrooms in a can. SAD. Not at cheap prices, either!

    Slavs have nice homes and quick access to historic sites. Western Ukraine has beauty spots right outside the front door, as do many Slavic countries. Visiting other countries is just a short train ride away. My choice to visit a nearby country is Canada. That is it.

    Having Slavic grandparents make my family stronger. They taught what is important to value in life: cigarettes, vodka, and money, Hard work and love of home & family.




    Smartphones make me unhappy.

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