8 Unusual Things To Do On Your Next Trip To Croatia

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We are sure you are already familiar with the mesmerizing Plitvice lakes and the tourism giant Dubrovnik, but there are some attractions in Croatia you might’ve never heard about. Croatia offers a wide selection of unusual places you can visit and unique experiences you’ll enjoy, and we covered some of our favorites.

1. Hunt Truffles in Istria

If you find yourself in Istria in autumn, truffle hunting is a must. Locals like to refer to truffles as the “hidden underground treasure”, and once you taste this delicacy you’ll understand how it got this title. Meet with some truffle-hunting families, who’ve been in this business for generations. Learn everything you need to know and embark or a memorable truffle hunt with their specially trained dogs. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing though and take a pocket lamp if you want to try the night hunt.

2. Make your inner computer nerd happy in the Peek&Poke museum

Peek&Poke is a computer museum in Rijeka with over two thousand gaming consoles, computers and other computing technologies from the past. The friendly owner will guide you through the collection and you can even try to play some vintage games, like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

3. Watch a donkey race on Sali

Although many islands in Croatia have their unique local festivities, we would like to point out the donkey race at the Sali Summer Festival. Both the fastest and slowest donkey will get an award in this extremely entertaining event. At the end of the race, you’ll be able to enjoy some “donkey music” and swim with the performers in the port of Sali.

4. Visit the Blue Cave on Biševo island

The Blue Cave is a stunning natural phenomenon located on the island Biševo. The entrance to the cave has been enlarged in 1884, so small boats can easily sail in. You cannot swim in this cave and will have to buy a ticket to enter. However, the stunning play of water and light in different shades of blue will, without doubt, leave you in awe.

5. Try to stay serious in Froggyland

With over 500 stuffed frogs, this museum in Split is not for the fainthearted. The author Ferenc Mere was a taxidermy master, and after 100 years of existence, this collection is still the largest of its kind. The frogs are arranged in a way that they depict various human daily activities and situations. Scenarios include frogs playing tennis, attending school and even doing acrobatics in the circus. Attention to detail is superb and this exhibition is a prime example of creative taxidermy.

6. Listen to the Sea Organ in Zadar

A popular, yet distinctive attraction, the Sea Organ in Zadar is an instrument played solely by the sea. Masterful skills of the engineers are fused with the natural sea movements, and 35 pipes of various lengths can play 7 chords of 5 tones. The clever technology of this organ is hidden behind the shape of stairs which descend deep in water. As soon as you sit on the stairs you’ll instantly feel more grounded, and the enchanting sounds of the sea will let your mind drift off for a while.

7. Enter Tito’s secret bunkers

Deep below the striking canyons and untouched black-pine forests of the National Park Paklenica, a different kind of sight can be found. Tito, the late president of Yugoslavia, had picked this spot for his massive “bunker” project in the early 1950s. The tunnels were built as a shelter from possible USSR air attacks, but are now transformed into a presentation center. This unusual tourist attraction features numerous corridors, a coffee shop, and a multimedia hall. You can even test your climbing skills on the artificial climbing wall.

8. Challenge your faith in love in the Museum of Broken Relationships

After a few years of worldwide tour, this heartbreaking collection found its permanent location in Zagreb. Meanwhile, people all over the world donated personal objects related to their past relationships, as a symbolic gesture of letting go. Every memento comes with an intimate but anonymous description. You can also donate your own item, and as it becomes a part of something bigger you might feel some comfort from the painful feeling of a breakup.

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