6 Secrets of Malbork Castle: The Little Details Of Teutonic Order Headquarters

Polish main attraction is the grand castle of the defeated order

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Malbork castle is one of the most impressive monumental buildings from the medieval times. It’s monumental construction and history surprise and charm the visitors from around the world. The beautiful castle lies near the Nogat river and stays one of the treasures of the world heritage protected by UNESCO. Although the story around this place smells with the flesh and blood, the interior stays clean and pleasant, full of harmony. You might have a feeling like the members of the Teutonic Order left it only for a while, and they will be right back.

The Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem, commonly known as the Teutonic Order, was established during the Third Crusade to the Holy Land in 1190. At first, it operated as a brotherhood as hospitallers in Acre, then since 1198, the brotherhood transformed in a knightly order. Here is a short list of the secrets of their capital castle, famous Malbork castle (Marienburg).

1. One of the Grand Masters was murdered in the castle

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Werner von Orseln was the 17th Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. He served from 1324 until his death in 1330. He paid special attention to the religious aspects of the order. His death was a result of several wounds after an assassination attempt, according to some historians, by a mad knight, Johan von Endorf. However, the newest researchers pinpointed that the story was much more complicated. The knight was perhaps not mad at all. What killed von Orseln was a well-constructed intrigue. He was murdered next to the entrance to the church. It survived original until now, even the wooden doors.

2. The castle had never been conquered

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Although it was attacked many times, no army was able to take it in the fight. Malbork Castle was sold to the Polish king. No army was able to take it away from the hands of skillful knights of Teutonic Order. They decided to sell it when they had to leave the area in the North of Poland.

3. There is no larger medieval castle in Europe.

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It covers over 21-hectare (52-acre) site. It is larger than the Windsor Castle that covers 18.038 ha (44.57 acres). The castle was rebuilt for a few times but didn’t lose the remarkable medieval spirit.

4. Pomerania would not be the same without the capital of the Teutonic Order in Malbork.

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That’s the fact. The Malbork Castle was not only one of the most impressive constructions of the medieval world. It also became a center of the architecture and urbanistic thought, the concept of increasing the using of advanced techniques to build new roads, new cities, more castles, monasteries, etc. Most of the beautiful medieval buildings that survived in the area of their former country until now, were created thanks to the Teutonic Order and their arrival to the territory of modern Poland.

5. It was destroyed by Russians

Many people think that the impressive architecture of Poland was mostly damaged due to the activity of German in this area. However, this is not true. The death of the Malbork Castle in 1945 was caused by the Russian Army. The beautiful castle protected by so many generations had no chances with the unfriendly army. After the war, Polish decided to reconstruct the destroyed parts of the castle.

6. It was a house of many animals

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During the times when the castle belonged to the Teutonic Order, it was a home o many animals including dogs, cats, horses… and even monkeys! The last ones damaged precious wall paintings, but the owners didn’t blame them – they were just animals. Instead of removing the monkeys from the castle, the monks fixed the paintings. In the most glorious period in the history of the castle, the number of animals was huge. It seems that every person who lived there wanted to have an own pet!

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