A Game Of Thrones Museum Opens Up In Split, Croatia

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Part of what made the HBO hit TV series Game Of Thrones so magical is the location of the filming sets, most of which are on European grounds. Everybody knows Croatia’s natural beauty is featured in the series on countless occasions throughout its eight seasons. Filming scouts from near and far have worked tirelessly to find a number of spots that would suit the medieval setting of the story, with Dubrovnik being elected as the base for the royal capital King’s Landing. But despite the irrefutable fact that Dubrovnik is the most popular touristy spot for GOT fans, Split is the new destination that should be on your to-visit list.

If the grandeur of the Diocletian’s Palace’s remains isn’t enough to take your breath away and to help you reminisce about the show’s glory days, the brand new Game Of Thrones museum that opened in Split will most definitely make you forget the heartbreaking moment you realized GOT was over.

Allegedly opened only for a year (May 2019 – May 2020), the Game Of Thrones museum is rapidly gathering curious visitors from all over the globe with its enchanting replicas of the props created by HBO’s crew over the course of seven long years.

Fans of the show will feast their eyes on menacing dragon heads, sinister atmosphere that resembles the one of the series, life-size wax figures based on some of the most beloved characters, authentic costumes, weapons made out of Valyrian steel and tons of other cool stuff. The museum really takes everything to the next level by offering die-hard fans several rooms, which are themed after a variety of fantasy locations – from Winterfell’s gloomy and chilly bleakness to the largest Slaver City of Meereen and all the way to the southern capital of King’s Landing.

The epic museum is located near Daenerys’ throne room (a.k.a. Diocletian’s Palace’s cellars) on Bosanska Street and it’s open from Monday to Sunday. Regardless of the fact that it’s one of the most detailed GOT attractions on the globe, the museum’s entry fees aren’t cosmic – the regular tickets cost just 14 Euro and the venue is open from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Visitors can fully immerse themselves into the Game Of Thrones’ dark fairytales and even go beyond The Wall where they’ll be able to see the Weirwood Tree and literally enter its trunk.

According to Luka Galić, the owner of the venue, the full potential of Split wasn’t “exposed enough” on TV and the city deserved to be seen in all of its glory, which is partially what inspired him to create the museum.

The museum itself covers over 300 square meters of land and its entrance is guarded by none other but Drogon – the last known living dragon, named after the fan-favorite Dothraki leader Khal Drogo. Other geeky stuff awaits at every turn of the massive exhibition, with hundreds of exhibits adorning the museum’s rooms. The small scale city dioramas, full sized armors and carefully selected props from the series will make fans transcend into the Seven Kingdoms. Upon exiting visitors can take a vast variety of memorabilia back home from the official Game Of Thrones souvenir shop that sits just outside the building.

A huge factor for the GOT museum’s success is the fact that it’s situated in Split and when fans get tired of the indoors they can still enjoy the mythical lands from George Martin’s imagination simply by taking a stroll through the streets and promenades of maritime Split. And just in a 20-minute drive or bus ride from Split is the ancient Klis Fortress – the Dalmatian stronghold that was featured in the TV show as the setting for the picturesque, yet macabre city of Meereen.

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